Love cinema? Read on to learn about the reasons why the Academy Awards are known as the Oscars.

Why is the Academy Award Statue Called an “Oscar”?

In this article, we will explore the different theories surrounding the origin of the term “Oscar” and the evolution of the award itself. The award is known worldwide and is a benchmark achievement for professionals in the film industry, representing the pinnacle for those who dedicate their lives to the cinema. 

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Get ready to learn everything there is to know about the Oscars. Whether you are a huge film fan or just love the drama that comes with the show, such as the Will Smith slap fiasco, which is one of the Oscars’ most controversial moments, it’s important to know why the Academy Awards are now known as the Oscars. 

The Oscar Nickname

The Academy Awards are commonly known as the Oscars, and you’ll even find professionals and critics refer to the awards as such, significant just how common the nickname has become. It’s an annual award ceremony celebrating the incredible achievements of those who work in the film industry, both as on-screen talent and as those who work behind the camera.

They’re the ultimate achievement for actors, directors, composers, and others who work in film. The longevity of the Oscars is a testament to how widely respected the award is, with the Academy Awards running for almost one hundred years, which is an incredibly long time. Despite this, there’s no single reason why the Academy Awards have become known as the Oscars.

Theory One: The Oscar Statue

The first theory we’ll explore is one of the most popular ones and refers to the name of the statue that has become synonymous with the Academy Awards. In case you’re unaware, the statue shows a man holding a sword and standing on a reel of old film, which is how movies used to be recorded. Since its inception, the statue has become incredibly recognizable.

The iconic piece was designed by MGM art director Cedric Gibbons, who created the first iteration of the statue way back in 1928, in anticipation of the first Academy Awards being held the following year, in 1929. It’s speculated that Gibbons gave the statue a name so that those within the industry would have a name for it, which means that this theory isn’t particularly exciting. 

Theory Two: Bette Davis’s Husband

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Our second theory about the name of the Oscars refers to Bette Davis’ husband, who was called Harmon Oscar Nelson. It’s been reported that Davis, who was an incredibly famous and well-celebrated actress in Hollywood, referred to her husband by his middle name, calling him Oscar in front of friends and colleagues. This nickname stuck, and many people called him Oscar. 

The theory states that when Davis won her first Academy Award in 1936, she referred to the award she had just been given as Oscar, and the rest is history. Given how long ago this occurred, and that it happened less than a decade after the first award ceremony, it would explain the name’s longevity and how entrenched it has become in pop culture. What do you think of this theory?

Theory Three: Sidney Skolsky’s Cousin

Less widely known, this theory is related to writer and famous columnist Sidney Skolky, who was well-known in the Hollywood scene. He’s most well-known for being the first media person to use the Oscar name to refer to the Academy Awards, which was a highly significant moment in cinematic history. As one of the period’s leading journalists, Skolsky had a huge amount of sway.

The origin of the Oscar name is a source of much controversy, with many claiming he didn’t create it, though some believe that he was the creator, naming it after the nickname he had for his cousin. The jury’s out on this theory, though it can’t be disputed that he was one of the first journalists to refer to the award as an Oscar in a published column, which is true.

The Evolution of the Academy Awards

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The first Academy Awards ceremony was held in 1929 and was organized by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. The ceremony was created to celebrate the most outstanding achievements in the film industry and was attended by only 270 people. Since then, the Oscars have become one of the most well-known awards in the world, with millions of people tuning in to watch the ceremony every year.

Over the years, the Oscars have undergone several changes and additions, including creating new categories and expanding the award show to include more international films. In addition, the Oscars have become more diverse and inclusive, recognizing the contributions of people from different backgrounds and cultures. You can also see celebrity comedians often host the ceremony, which results in hilarious snippets. 




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