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Why Music Is So Important In Gaming

Music is one of the most important aspects of creation and a significant budget is often channeled into creating quality sound tracks

Today’s video gaming scene is vastly different to that of the last few decades. Thanks to the continuous evolution of video game technology, the experience players get today has been transformed by enhanced graphics, fewer technical glitches, easier access to games through online streaming services, and quite importantly, enhanced sound.

In order for a video game to be completely immersive, it’s vital that it appeals to a number of the human senses, including sight, touch and sound. When we think of sight, the graphics quality of video games has come a long way in recent years, however newer technology like curved screens and VR headsets further enhance the experience and enraptured players in the world of the games. Similarly with touch, players can purchase chairs that submit vibrations or gaming controllers that also do this, making movements and collisions feel more real. 

However, when it comes to sound, it has the power to make or break the gaming experience. Sound has the power to take the player from one world into another where they’re completely lost in the journey of the game. Below, we’ll explore why music is so important in video games. 

The power of sound in video games

Just like in the film industry, music is one of the most important aspects of creation and a significant budget is often channeled into creating quality sound tracks to accompany a game. In the film genre, music helps to set the scene at any time in the film and elicits an emotional response in the viewer. For example, if there is a tense scene where the viewer should be afraid for the protagonist, the music will get faster in tempo and reflect an eerie sense of urgency. 

The concept is exactly the same in the gaming industry, in which the game’s music lets the player know how they should be receiving the experience. For example, if it’s a sports game like FIFA, then the sounds of people cheering in the arena and the white noise that accompanies such a setting are all incredibly important in establishing the exciting environment for the player. Similarly, if it’s a combat game then the music helps to build tension and suspense. 

Taking a deeper look into how music affects a video game

Music in video games has many different and sometimes subtle purposes. In order to recognise the importance of music in a video game, try turning the sound on mute next time you play a game. You will see that without sound, the gaming experience does not come to life as much or elicit the same feelings as when playing with the whole immersive experience. 

Let’s take a look at some of the specific functions of music within video games. 

Gives us cues

Music, Article, Gaming, TotalNtertainment

Music acts as an incredible guide to players in a game. Not only are we watching out for visual cues, we’re listening to the world of the game to sense if there’s danger around or some other response we should be having. 

For example, in a game like Animal Crossing, players happily explore the world by day, guided by the sounds of bees, apples falling from trees and other players walking in the area. Players are guided by these sounds to find the things they need. Meanwhile, in Minecraft there are sounds that indicate imminent danger and alert the player that something dangerous is nearby like a creeper. 

Completes the experience 

As we discussed before, the importance of music in a video game is similar to that of the film industry, in which it’s not uncommon to see a famous music composer in the film world has also worked on music for the gaming industry too.

Music in video games has the ability to transform the world of the player and keep their attention on the game while other things are happening in their home environment. For this reason, it’s essential for players to invest in quality headphones or a surround sound music system that envelopes the player in the full experience. 

In casino games like online slots, music is incredibly important when a player wins as it adds a sort of celebratory experience to the event. Similarly to how players would hear hundreds of coins dropping or people cheering in a real life casino, the sounds created in an online casino experience help to merge the physical and digital worlds for the player.

Setting the scene

Where would a Jurassic Park game be without the Jurassic Park theme tune and the dinosaur sounds or voices of the original characters? Or imagine a traditional Irish slot game without the sound of the leprechaun’s voice and coins clinking together when a player wins.

Without sounds, a game simply doesn’t offer the same immersive world. The music in a video game establishes what kind of setting the player is in, whether they should be in fight or flight mode, or if they can relax and explore the world of the game. 

Overall, it’s clear that music in the video gaming world is just as crucial as in the film world, in which a significant amount of budget and planning goes into creating original gaming soundtracks. Without sound, 21st century video gaming simply wouldn’t offer the same experience.