Congratulations, you’re getting married. If you’re the groom you’re probably thinking about how you’re going to survive the bachelor’s party. And if you’re the bride, you’re probably thinking of how you’re going to fit into your wedding dress.

Okay, okay – those are both stereotypes. But what is common for the wedding couple to do after they decide to tie the knot is get lost in the barrage of wedding-related decisions. Who’s coming? Where’s it going to be? Will people even ‘get’ our BOHO theme? What will all the guests eat? Who will sit where and who’s giving the speeches?

As you know about us at BOHO Weddings, our motto is “Create the wedding you want, Not the wedding you’re told to have!” We don’t want to tell you what to do, but there are some things we’ve learned about the big day that are worth sharing.

Whatever it is that you’re going through in the build-up to the big day (we’re talking family politics here), it’s important to remember that you’re throwing a party. And what’s the key to a good party?

Great entertainment! And alcohol. How many parties have you been to in your life that have been ruined by bad sound, faulty electronics, or not enough liquor?

Especially when you go to the trouble of gathering a cool crew together, it’s crucial that you plan ahead.   

Please consider these BOHO-inspired Winning Wedding Entertainment Tips:

1) Be Original

Don’t just hire the DJ that performed at your cousin’s wedding and then frantically spend an evening on Spotify working out a playlist to give to him. Some of the best, most affordable weddings happening out there are combining a live music element that brings a poignancy to the moment that will last a lifetime in the memory of your guests.

Any DJ can play Pachelbel’s Canon as you walk down the aisle. But doing it with a string section that can entertain the guests after the speeches as well? That’s the next level you’re looking for.

Fiddler’s Dream Productions is an example of a wedding entertainment crew in New York that has been making waves with their ability to meet the authentic needs of the occasion by mixing up a pop sensibility with a classic, instrumental sound. 

Led by violin virtuoso Asher Laub, it’s worth tapping into his network if you are in New York. As our readership crosses the Atlantic, we are fielding more and more requests for US entertainment services – so we thought we’d put it out there.

Closer to home in the UK, the same rules apply: seek out original entertainment to bring down the house! We’re talking: saxophone, violin, percussion instruments – all integrated with a mixing desk that allows the DJ to play some ‘golden oldies’ mixed in with the latest Billboard 100 hit. Save yourself the headache on the night of negotiating who’s song is up next between your drunk uncle and your best friend.

Weddings are that one time when you get to show some class. Hiring in original musicians will give your wedding the ambience you’re looking for. A DJ plus instrumentalists is a great way to go.

2) Set Your Bar High

We don’t mean have a huge bar tab. It’s more about having the right standards. Check with the venue as to who will be on duty that night. Welcome drinks – Red Bull and champagne – are a smart way to get people energized without everybody getting fall down drunk.

You’re looking to have one bartender per 50 guests on average. The bar needs to be accessible, and you need to factor in what happens when people are wanting a refill during the speeches. A good MC will let people know about that in advance. It’s smart to have wine at the table, and perhaps a separate, smaller cocktail bar too.

3) Capture The Moment Appropriately

A specialist wedding photographer knows how to be discreet and capture the moment. That way you can avoid having all your guests standing there with their phones out while you’re saying your vows. It’s increasingly common at weddings for guests to put their phones into a basket and retrieve them at the end of the night.

If you can afford it, some instamatic cameras on each table for people to snap away themselves is a nice touch and adds to the entertainment value on the evening. Another entertainment idea involving photography is to set up a photo booth with outfits that go with your BOHO theme.

4) Splash Out On Lighting

Simple fairy lights strung up in the rafters or an outside tree lend a romantic ambience that is cost-effective. You’re wanting a bright light (spot) on the area where the speeches are happening, so that none of the facial gestures and gesticulations are missed by the audience.

Good lighting will  also enhance your good sound. Some well-positioned par cans to frame your dancefloor will provide an even light. Guests at the tables can eat by candlelight, and consider what your venue will look at during the night time so that you can add some delicate touches to transform the space into something that reflects you and your partner’s personality and idea of union in marriage.

5) Create A Cosy Dance floor

Not too big a dance floor, just a central space where your guests can come and go. You’ll have the first father-daughter dance here, the bride will give away her garter, and by the end of the night, your guests will be showing off all their moves and really cutting loose. Consider a limbo dance competition to get the party going.

If your space is too big, or you have your musical entertainment tucked away in a corner, this won’t work to create a vibe. You’re looking for seasoned entertainment artists that have a  collaborative vibe that will work to get your guests seated when they need to be seated, and tearing it up on the dance floor when the time is right. This comes down to clever audio cues from the DJ and clear instructions from a confident MC that shepherd your guests into having a great time. The other bonus with entertainment professionals is that they will work with you long in advance to ensure that you have the right mix of song requests, musical entertainment, and the right interaction with mics and speakers so that there’s no feedback issues or awkward sound problems on the big day.

6) Plan For A Spectacular Exit 

Ideally the bride and groom should ride off into the sunset. You want to leave the party when it’s at its peak – not hang around to pick up the bar tab and help pack away the speakers.

Asking your friends and family to form a tunnel for you on the dance floor that you run through on your way out to the car that is adorned with ‘Just Married’ lettering, pulling cans behind it, is the way to go. After the wedding, it’s now your wedding night – a new, hyped-up event all of its own.

From outdoor games and organized sing-alongs, through to a children’s entertainer so that the parents can relax, the ideas for how best to provide entertainment at your wedding are plenty. It bears repeating that what will make your special day stand out is originality and the importance that you place on having a good party. After all, it is a celebration that happens once in a lifetime. Eat, drink, dance, and be merry – and let the violins play!

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