BDRMM live review by Ryan Beardsley

We’re in the midst of a Shoegaze revival right now, perhaps the younger generation are finding themselves pulled towards music of a more soothing nature. Low stakes, lower maintenance, with an emphasis on ‘vibes’ as the kids say.

One of the trailblazers in this new wave is Hull four-piece BDRMM or “Bedroom” who have arrived at North London’s beloved Scala for their biggest ever headline show to tour sophomore record I Don’t Know.

Before we get into the show, it’s important to note this was almost the tour that never was. The band were not paid for a big festival appearance in the summer, coupled with rising costs meant they had to turn to Crowdfunder just to get the show on the road;

A sad reflection on the current plight of the live music industry and shows how so many bands are living gig to gig, if we carry on like this, surely somethings got to give give

As for the show itself, the band do not disappoint as they treat the London crowd to a lush variation of sweeping soundscapes, instrumentals and wonderfully indulgent jams.

Frontman Ryan Smith is an intriguing presence and his vocals are top notch but if ever there was an act where every player was essential to the sound it might be BDRMM. Every one on stage plays an integral role in creating the wall of sound and transporting the Scala crowd into a fuzzy frenzy.

The set is a welcome mix of new and old, in a positive sense many of their tracks seem to bleed together into one beautiful ambient piece for the most part, see Happy and then (Un)Happy as a prime example.

But predictably it is tracks from their beloved debut that garner the biggest reactions, none more so for set closer A Reason To Celebrate has the whole of Scala in one voice declaring ‘it’s okay for you to walk away’.

I think it’s fair to say we’re all relieved that they didn’t, despite their recent bad luck. Judging by the size and reaction of the crowd tonight, things are already looking up for them.

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