At the end of his eighty-minute set, funnyman Daliso Chaponda asks the audience to share what they thought of the show and tell all their friends about his upcoming tour. It’s been a tough eighteen months across the entertainment industry and with stand-up comedians like Chaponda losing all their live work, it’s obvious how vital it is for comics like Daliso to get out on the road and get bums on seats.

For Daliso though, the former BGT favourite should have no problem pulling in the fans for his “Apocalypse Not Now” tour. An entertaining look at his life over the last eighteen months, Daliso arrives in Leeds for the opening night of the tour, a tour that will take him well into next year. Still obviously a work in progress, with the comic joking he hadn’t worked out the ending yet, Daliso showed no signs of rustiness as he hits his stride early. From how he became a tabloid headline across the world thanks to his friend Amanda Holden to how the Black Lives Matter movement resulted in him becoming the TV go-to guy for race opinions, Daliso shows himself to be an engaging, captivating comedian.

Delving into the murky world of paedophile celebrities and corruption, Chaponda’s take on the subjects sits just the right side of something that could be classed as “adults-only”. It’s a formula he has clearly perfected over the years, admitting to TotalNtertainment a few weeks ago how he sometimes has to warn his audience given the age range. Still, even as he delves into his relationships, his personal life and how he struggled when a female model friend moved into his flat during lockdown, there is nothing that you could class as too risky for the younger audience. Race also plays a big part in his routines and, again, he tackles the subject with a light-hearted manner joking how he now looks for racism amongst celebrities to help get him TV work as the go-to guy for racism opinions.

It’s hard not to like Daliso and, while the odd joke or two don’t quite hit the mark, he takes it all in his stride. By the end of his set, he will have been happy to get this opening night under his belt and, once he’s got a few more dates ticked off, the creases will be ironed out there will be no stopping him.

You can find a full list of dates and tickets here.

You can also watch our interview with him here:

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