KiSS perform at the O2 in London live review by Ryan Beardsley.

It’s a Crazy Crazy Night in London for the UK leg of Kiss’ last-ever tour and boy did they ever make the most of it.

The seventy-plus rockets descend from on high in their classic face paint and fire straight into Detroit Rock City with more fireworks, explosions and flames surrounding them than you would typically see on bonfire night.

Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons and the rest of the gang are here to put on a show and they never stop for 2 hours straight, stomping around the o2 stage in platform shoes that defy gravity and charisma that has defied the test of time.

It’s not all gimmicks though as the band are still tight and Paul Stanley’s yelp can still hang with the best of them as he goads the London crowd into joining in with every chorus and they’re more than happy to oblige.

We get duelling guitar solos between Stanley and Tommy Thayer, Simmons spitting blood and scaring the life out of several parents of the younger Kiss Army and even drummer Eric Singer gets a chance to shine with a delightful piano rendition of Beth, I think it was the only time the show slowed down for a chance to breathe.

On fan favourite Love Gun, Paul Stanley quite literally flies from the main stage, across the crowd to another altar of rock in a feat of exquisite showmanship, or perhaps he really does have magic powers…

They save the best til last as I Was Made For Loving You has the crowd going wild and giddy with anticipation as to what the final set piece will hold and we soon see it doesn’t disappoint.

The band are lifted individually into the arena sky for Rock And Roll All Nite and accompanied by more pyro than I’ve ever witnessed, I even think my eyebrows were singed and I was miles away, so God knows what it was like in the front row!

An absolutely fantastic rock spectacle and if it truly is the end of the road after 50 years, it’s an incredible send-off and I implore all rock lovers not to miss out and catch them before it’s too late.

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