The View live review by Ryan Beardsley

I often think of the mid noughties as a glory period for music, particularly indie music. But as a I get older and wiser I have to come to terms with certain, unescapable truths;

1. Blur are better than Oasis (by far)
2. I did own a Limp Bizkit album
3. The music that I thought was amazing when I was 19 isn’t necessarily so

Speaking of the third point, I was about 19 when The View burst onto an already crowded Indie scene where for a while it felt like most acts were straight up duplicates of Arctic Monkeys or The Libertines.

And although the Libs influence has clearly always been there for the lads from Dundee, they always had enough personality, originality and straight up tunes to stand out from the crowd and tonight showed they also still have a devoted fanbase, North and South of the border.

Kyle Falconer leads the bands out to a packed Scala clad in football shorts, an odd choice on a chilly December evening, but from the first strum of his guitar it’s an early Christmas present for all those in attendance.

Grace from underrated third album Bread and Circuses is classic View, all speed and catchy chorus, followed by Wasted Little DJs and the crowd is already throwing themselves around the place like we’re at Download or something.

It was pretty widely publicised that earlier this year, the band had a scrap on stage in the middle of a show with punches and kicks thrown, but I’m pleased to say the only thing thrown tonight were half drunk beers by a crowd in a gleeful frenzy.

The Don from Hats off To The Buskers is a personal favourite of mine, lovely little hook and backing vocals with lyrics that paint a vivid picture of mispent youth. Although, things go a little off piste when Falconer cannot finish the song. At first I thought he’d forgotten the lyrics but afterwards he matter of factly points out that he was about to “spew” as the adrenaline of the gig was taking over his body, judging by how much he was going for it all night I actually believe him.

We get some choice picks from their comeback record Exorcism of Youth, the highlight is lead single Feels Like which makes you feels like the band’s 6 year hiatus never occurred.

It seems crazy to say now but Same Jeans was a no3 hit single, I can’t even imagine a real band having a top 5 single in this day and age but the popularity and staying power of this catchy little singalong has not waivered, a joy and a true anthem of the time.

Turns out the music I thought was amazing when I was 19 is amazing, if you get the chance, I strongly advice you to sit back and enjoy The View.

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