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Katherine Jenkins Perfoming at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall - 04-05-2019

Katherine Jenkins plays to a packed Liverpool Philharmonic

Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins lived up to her reputation with a mesmerising performance in Liverpool. Check out the photos here.

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She’s been labelled as the No. 1 Classical Music Artist of the Last 25 Years by Classic FM and, for two hours at the stunning Philharmonic in Liverpool, Welsh soprano Katherine Jenkins belted her way through the kind of set you would expect from someone with a title of that magnitude. A true legend in the classical music world, Katherine Jenkins is making her way around the UK in support of her new album ‘Guiding Light’ with material from the album featuring heavily throughout the two hour set. There are plenty of words bandied around when people talk of Katherine Jenkins – beautiful, mesmerising, stunning, sensational are just some of them and, again, tonight, she lived upto them all as she left a packed Liverpool Philharmonic utterly spellbound as she not only lived up to but easily surpassed the title she had been awarded twelve months earlier.