Liam Gallagher delivered a blistering performance in Manchester on Saturday night, celebrating the 30th anniversary of Oasis’ landmark album “Definitely Maybe” with a setlist packed with fan favorites and raw, unadulterated rock and roll energy. The atmosphere at the venue crackled with anticipation as a sold-out crowd, many adorned in classic Oasis attire, eagerly awaited the arrival of their Manchester hero.

The setlist was a glorious trip down memory lane, with Liam Gallagher kicking things off with the iconic “Rock ‘n’ Roll Star” and seamlessly transitioning into other “Definitely Maybe” staples like “Columbia,” “Shakermaker,” and “Up in the Sky.” Each song was met with a deafening roar from the audience, who sang along passionately and created a truly electric atmosphere. Liam’s trademark swagger and snarl were on full display as he commanded the stage, his vocals remaining powerful and true throughout the night.

Liam dedicated “Digsy’s Dinner” to the legendary Manchester club “Flamingo’s,” a nod to the city’s rich musical history. The set ventured beyond “Definitely Maybe” with crowd-pleasing anthems like “Bring It On Down,” “Cloudburst,” and “Cigarettes & Alcohol,” showcasing the full breadth of Oasis’ legacy. A heartfelt rendition of “Half the World Away” was dedicated to Liam’s “little brother” Noel, offering a bittersweet moment of acknowledgement.

The concert wasn’t just about Oasis classics. A surprising cover of Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ “Lock All the Doors” (performed as the Oasis demo version) added a touch of unexpected intrigue. The set culminated with a triumphant encore featuring “Supersonic,” “Slide Away,” and the ever-powerful “Live Forever,” leaving the crowd euphoric and yearning for more. As a final cherry on top, Liam treated fans to a surprise rendition of The Beatles’ “I Am the Walrus,” adding a playful and unexpected twist to the night.

Liam Gallagher’s Manchester performance was a masterclass in rock and roll nostalgia. By focusing heavily on the iconic “Definitely Maybe” and peppering the setlist with other Oasis anthems, Liam delivered a show that catered directly to his core fanbase. The raw energy, passionate crowd interaction, and Liam’s unwavering stage presence made this a night to remember for Manchester music lovers. Whether you’re a die-hard Oasis fan or simply appreciate a good rock and roll spectacle, Liam Gallagher’s concert would have left you wanting more.

Photo Copyright © Stephen Farrell

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