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Lizzo Shows Her Star Qualities at the O2 Ritz in Manchester

Highly-rated Lizzo shows why stardom beckons with a stunning performance in Manchester. Check out the photos here.

Photo Copyright © Sakura

Having released her acclaimed new album, Cuz I Love You, on April 19th, you get the feeling that this is the year that Texan singer Lizzo is going to go from being one of the ones to watch to being the superstar that she so clearly is. Gigs like this one at the Manchester O2 Ritz will be distant memories for the singer as she moves up the ladder right to the very top. Already mentioned in press stories alongside names like Beyonce, the singer has a voice and persona that will grab your attention and, having made all the right noises in the right places over the past year or two, the name Lizzo is going to be one that will be impossible to ignore. We made damn sure that we checked her out now before the world wants in on the action so check out some of Sakura’s shots from the show at the O2 Ritz here.