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Pixies spoil fans with a massive 30+ song set

Photo Copyright © Christopher Ryan 

Tonight we witnessed the rock legends that are The Pixies, in a packed venue with support from an all female band called The Big Moon.

The Pixies, need I say more? Despite a decade break with nearly 30 years of music and the seventh album due out anytime, how do you go about making an adequate set list for the shows? Well, lat’s make make an average set of 35 songs, And why not? Spoilt for choice with all songs from all albums their set surely kept everyone in the crowd more than happy! Playing the new album ‘Beneath The Eye’ in full along with big chunks from other albums like ‘Doolittle’, ‘Surfer Rosa’ and ‘Come Pilgrim’, was two hours of pretty much non stop bangers, that felt nothing more than a surreal dream come true!

This was one of those nights where you had to be there because when will this happen again? Will the Pixies ever return to do another huge spectacular show like this? Despite the average age for the band being 50 the age has hardly affected how the music sounded. The energy it felt like its was the first time seeing them in the 80’s especially as a lot of us probably weren’t born but if this is what they sound now imagine what it must of been like back then. The raw new music genre being crafted as we speak shows why there is no doubt why many bands today have taken massive inspiration to the bands such as the Pixies.

So to wrap things of in a small nutshell. Pixies are still on top form, bloody fantastic live and I hope to god they come back because it’ll be daft not to!

Despite a short set these lasses managed to woo the crowd with their grunge rock vibes!  The Big Moon have only been around a few years and despite having one album out called ‘Love In The 4th Dimension’ you can instantly tell why these lot have been making big waves in the music industry supporting bands like The Maccabees and The Vaccines. With the fresh 90’s grunge style that’s been modernised its no wonder TBM have been picked to be on such big tours as its not very often you get such a great balance of the grunge rock with the happy mellow beats.

If that’s not enough then we are spoilt because a few brand new tracks from the upcoming album launching in January 2020 called ‘Walking Like We Do’ have been played for the first few times on this tour including the new single ‘Your Light’. Other tracks include ‘It’s Easy Then’ and ‘Don’t Think’ along with the most known and favourite track ‘Sucker’! I am really looking forward to see what single they release next before the big album launch!