The Crescent in York is a great little venue. Essentially the function room of a community centre / pub, tonight The Crescent plays host to an intergalactic visit from Henge, the masters of something they call “Cosmic Dross”. Utterly ridiculous we know but at the same time, absolutely captivating stuff from the moment this band of intergalactic travellers stride out onto the stage in front of a rather packed room.

Now, I have to admit that, when we arrived at The Crescent earlier in the evening for an interview with Henge leader Zpor, he/it explained how they would be using the live shows as an experiment on the human race and, judging by the cross-section of punters packed into the function room as Henge appear, there are plenty of people in the vicinity who are more than interested in this experiment. Young, old, goths, ravers and the just plain curious, as soon as Henge start to weave out their psychedelic, Hawkwind-tinged cosmic dross, the audience pours to the stage groove and gyrate along to the hypnotic waves of sound created by this truly unique group of characters.

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