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James Bay Live At Shakespeare’s Globe Review

James Bay Live At Shakespeare’s Globe Review. Read our thoughts on the singer-songwriter’s recent Livestream gig from London.

James Bay Live at Shakespeare’s Globe Review

“Hello everyone watching at home”, welcomes singer-songwriter James Bay adding, “this has been a wierd year but, if this is how it is and it lets us play gigs, then that’s how it is.”

The latest artist to perform a “Livestream” gig, Bay couldn’t have picked a better location. Performing in the historic surroundings of Shakespeare’s Globe in London, a place where, originally, Shakespeare performed some of his most famous works, this had the makings of being a spectacular evening.

Displaying no sign of awkwardness, Bay handled the silences superbly. Joking about viewers having to put up with his incessant guitar tuning between songs, Bay didn’t seem to let the lack of audience interaction faze him. For over an hour Bay put on the kind of show which has raised him up there as one of the best performers in the UK. Joined by his band which features his own brother, Bay performed a thirteen song set reworking tracks like his recent song “You Are My Heart” and tracks from both his albums including “If You Ever Want To Be In Love” and “Let It Go” from his debut alongside “Peer Pressure” and “Us” from his 2018 offering “Electric Light”.

Superbly filmed with perfect acoustics and in wonderful surroundings, you almost forgot that this was being streamed over your internet connection such was the intimacy of the show. While the awkward buzz piercing the air as Bay tunes up another guitar brings you back to reality, it has to be said that this was a minor irritation rather than something that ruined any head of steam Bay and his brilliant band had built up.

“It’s been a year of not doing gigs, we’re well up for this!” joked Bay at one point. It showed as well and, as the hour or so came to an end with a raucous, foundation-shaking rendition of his hit single “Hold Back The River”, you could almost imagine the ghost of the famous poet rocking out as Bay treated his fans to a wonderful night albeit enjoyed from the comfort of their own sofas.