Mae Muller Talks About her new EP ‘no one else, not even you’

Rising London pop newcomer, Mae Muller, is being heralded in the press as the next big British pop sensation and, listening to the honesty and attitude on her new mini-album, “no one else, not even you”, it’s easy to see why the Londoner is making the pop scene sit up and take note.

While such excitement by the press can be misjudged, this time it’s fair to see why given what has been a meteoric eighteen months for Muller. Those eighteen months have seen Muller support UK pop Queens Little Mix with their influence clearly rubbing off on the London songwriter. Honesty, independence and attitude, all traits that Muller wears proudly on her sleeve and, listening to material like “So Annoying” and “Work Like That”, her attitude shines in her music.

“These are songs that span a few years”, explains Muller when talking about the inspiration behind songs like “So Annoying”. Delving further into the eight songs on the album, Muller reveals “there is a song on there about a boyfriend I had three years ago. They’re songs that go through the range of emotions you go through in a relationship.”

It’s not all independence and attitude from the London pop artist though as she explains, “there is a song on there called “Wish You Well” which shows more of a sad side. She’s not cold all the time. She has a heart. It shows different sides to her personality.”

Although wanting anyone to enjoy her music, the songwriter admits “as a woman, I think my target audience is young women because I am writing from those experience. I think though, I just want people to listen to my music and feel empowered. I’ve always said I wanted to write music that I wish I could have listened to when I was fifteen years old.”

Talk moves onto lockdown and how she coped with Muller admitting “I found it difficult at times, some days I didn’t want to do anything and just wanted to sit there feeling sad.” She goes on to say “one of the things I did was not start anything new, I just went back over a lot of old stuff and finished things off that needed finishing and worked on songs that weren’t complete so they were ready to go.”

“Recently I had a big slump in my creativity”, she continues, “I felt I’d tired myself out creatively while I was writing about this particular situation. I was emotionally drained and felt I’d run out of fresh ideas. I didn’t know what to do because it gets really tired writing about your own problems all the time.”

Working through this, Muller shifted the perspective to other people explaining “I started writing from other people’s perspective and it gave me a fresh new lease of life to look at things from outside of my own head and see how other people think. I think it is also important to take a break and let yourself have breather.”

However, judging by the quality of the songs on the album, those creative slumps affecting Muller didn’t hold her back too much with the material on the eight track album packed with everything the songwriter promised. Having toured with Little Mix and having worked with the likes of DallasK (Celine Dion, Fifth Harmony) on the brilliant “HFBD”, Muller has clearly learned from working with some of the best in the business. Couple that with themes inspired by honesty, emotion and attitude, “no one else, not even you” is a great starting point for the Londoner.

As she explained, she’s written songs she hopes her young fans can relate to and, with her now having a platform to make her voice heard, Muller wants to make sure she grabs her opportunity to make a difference with both hands.

“I wasn’t always this sassy, outspoken person,” reveals Muller, adding “I used to let people walk all over over and have so much power. I’m making up for it now. I’ve got this new found voice and, to all those people that walked all over me, I’m letting them know that they can’t do that any more.”

Read more about the mini-album and get details of Mae’s April 2021 UK tour here:

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