Working independently from his bedroom studio, the New York artist Tarune has seen two of his songs, ‘Met A Girl’ and ‘Goodnight Baby’, embraced by the indie-folk community on Spotify, leading to 13 million streams just for those two tracks. Now Tarune shares the new single ‘ma 間’ as he prepares to launch his biggest artist project to date this summer. Listen HERE.

An expression of catharsis, confessions and self-discovery, ‘ma 間’ takes Tarune back to the emotions of his early childhood when his mother left for Taiwan. Now in adulthood, Tarune is able to confront his fears, vulnerabilities and the simple truths that he had locked away unspoken. But as he explores themes of abandonment, his voice grows in confidence and reflects the personal growth that confronting the issue has given him. The music is equally as compelling, his softly enunciated voice, gentle guitar chords and nostalgic melodies creating an intimate intensity that feels as if you’re in the room with him.

The word ‘ma 間’ is the Japanese concept of negative space. Its use here was inspired by an interview in which the director, animator and Studio Ghibli co-founder Hayao Miyazaki talked about the importance of using space and calm moments to give his stories a greater dynamic impact. Tarune also found serendipity in the word’s dual meanings, it also meaning ‘mother’ in both English and Taiwanese.

Tarune says, “I believe that this song fell out of me so that I could hold myself in the ways I always needed, and maybe never felt I was. I needed this permission to take the time to feel, slow down and find the space to just be.”

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