Upsahl Speaks About her ‘Young Life Crisis’ EP

American singer-songwriter Taylor UPSAHL, known to her fans as Upsahl, is set to release her new EP, “Young Life Crisis”, the follow-up to her debut EP, “Hindsight 20/20”, on October 30th.  Ahead of the release of the EP (which will include, amongst other activities, a livestream performance) on Friday, Upsahl spoke about the EP alongside stripped-back performances of three tracks including the title track.

Even stripped-back and raw, the three tracks performed were packed with attitude and energy with the songwriter excited to hear what fans think of the new material. Of the three tracks performed, UPSAHL described the first track, “Moneyonmymind”, as a track about being on the up after a bad situation rather than being about money.

Recording the EP during quarantine having moved back in with her parents and using Zoom sessions to collaborate, UPSAHL described the title track as being a song that narrated her 2020. Brutal, honest but vulnerable, UPSAHL admits she is nervous about hearing the songs but, at the same time, uses songwriting as her therapy.

2019/2020 has been a big year for the rising star having collaborated with some major pop artists including Dua Lipa and Anne-Marie. Although, it was getting a shoutout from her idol, Lizzo, which made the biggest mark on UPSAHL. “I’d shared one of my TikTik videos. I woke up hungover and people had said she’d given me a shoutout on her Instagram,” recalls UPSAHL adding, “I checked and it was her and I lost my f****g mind!”

The last of the three tracks performed “Fake Bitch”, is another attitude-filled anthem with UPSAHL explain how she was the inspiration for the song and how, by ignoring her own issues, this was the catalyst to her own young life crisis.

Having collaborated with some big-hitters in the pop industry along with getting noticed by the likes of Lizzo, the career of this fiery songwriter is only heading in one direction. A huge talent as a songwriter and an artist, UPSAHL has targeted the big guns of the pop scene so you might just want to step out of her way.

Check out the recent single “Moneyonmymind” here:

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