Adam Giles Levy – ‘Wake Of Disarray’ album review by George Kirby

Adam Giles Levy returns with the release of his newest album, ‘Wake Of Disarray’. It is Adam’s first album in 2022 and comprises some of his most critically acclaimed singles from the past year, such as ‘Wild Earth’ and ‘The Fall’.

Levy holds nothing back in his effort to connect with the most significant number of people possible. It is what he accomplishes with his delivery, and he manages to touch a chord of prevalence with his wordplay, which succeeds in inducing contemplation. The music on ‘Wild Earth’ does not indicate what will come with the tracks following it. It has an upfront rock quality and a stadium-filling power, with the sound then exploring other regions as the album progresses.

‘The Fall’, Adam’s most recent single release, is given its moment to shine three tracks into the album. The words are laser-sharp and emotional, and the music reflects Adam’s moving story. Adam knocks it out of the park with a delivery that reflects the feelings of a father who has tragically lost his precious child, and the track is one of the album’s highlights.

‘Strangers’ is a song that stands out thanks to its one-of-a-kind flavours. It features a tapping rhythm that fuses itself with a folky backdrop, a female vocal then meets Adam halfway, and a guitar strums with appealing tonality.

‘White Noise’, is an excellent second-to-last tune because of its compelling rhythm, which features a shuffle drum beat that stops and starts to make place for a prominent vocal from Adam and his female accomplice. After a trip that has been an emotional rollercoaster, the album comes to a close with the title track, ‘Wake Of Disarray’. The gentle vocal and air-gliding music brings us back to reality in a soothing way but with a feeling of witnessing something special.</a

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