Alice is back! The King of Shock Rock is back with ‘Road’, his 29th album in an incredible career with this rock ‘n’ roll machine shows no sign of stopping any time soon. The follow up to his 2021 effort ‘Detroit Stories’, ‘Road’ plays out like an insight into life on the road for Alice Cooper. Written and recorded with the help of his live band, listening to this latest offering from the shock rock icon, you almost feel like you’re inside the circus that is the Alice Cooper live show.

Revving into life with “I’m Alice”, Alice sets the tone for the album straight away as he hollers “I know what you want! I know what you need! Something unearthly from another breed.” Now, at 29 albums into your career, it’s a pretty unsurprising statement to make as, working with long-time producer Bob Ezrin, it feels like all the ingredients are there to capture exactly the kind of Alice magic that his fans want.

The rest of the album follows suit as “Welcome To The Show” takes you on a glam rock romp into showtime with Alice as, while it wouldn’t be fair to call ‘Road’ a concept album, the theme of the album become too hard to miss.

“All Over The World” continues the theme with the wailing guitars of Tom Morello making appearance on “White Line Frankenstein”. “Big Boots” on the other hand is just three minutes of 70s sleaze which, quite honestly, detracts from the concept of the album and is probably three minutes that ‘Road’ could do without.

“Rules of the Road” and “Road Rats Forever” bring the theme back in line while, 12 tracks later, with the end of the road in sight, “100 More Miles” sees Alice yearning for home. The whole thing wraps up with a cover of The Who’s “Magic Bus”, complete with drum solo and screaming fans bringing this show to an end. The house lights go up, the make-up comes off and Alice boards his bus ready to raise hell in another city.

“Road” is out now and you can pick up your copy from the official Alice Cooper store.

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