Alternative pop visionary Gia Ford has released her captivating debut single on Chrysalis Records. ‘Alligator’ is a hypnotic blend of atmospheric, haunting vocals, layered textures and mesmerising grooves that showcases Gia’s prowess as an artist and storyteller, capable of conjuring vivid imagery with her poetic lyrics. Listen here and watch the video here.

Speaking about the track, Gia says: “Alligator is a song about a desperation to be seen and heard. I am being facetious by painting myself as multiple unbelievable creatures to garner attention. In the opening statement, I am an Alligator. Then, when that goes ignored, I am “Ten feet off of the ground, with feathers” — a whole new creature, perhaps still the Alligator, perhaps something different. The emotionally human nature in the first lines of verse two; “too far along now, I wouldn’t even know how to turn around” sees the Alligator swimming through a broken and contaminated landscape that it is getting used to and triumphantly withstanding. In the chorus, the final line “Albatross in the sky, aim my crossbow in the night” is a reference to ‘Rhyme of The Ancient Mariner’ by Coleridge. In the poem, the mariner is cursed after he shoots down the bird; it represents a self-inflicted burden.”

Taking influence from artists including Fleetwood Mac, Nick Cave and Radiohead, Sheffield-born Gia has taken time to cultivate her distinctive sound and aesthetic, having previously started out making covers of The Cure and David Gray and dreaming up future songs while working in cafes. Now signed to Chrysalis Records, the release of ‘Alligator’ finds Gia refining her craft, combining her disparate influences to create a captivating world of her own and telling new stories in her songwriting.


Gia Ford will bring her alluring stage presence to the BBC Live Introducing Sheffield stage at Rock N Roll Circus at Don Valley, Sheffield on 2nd September, supporting Self Esteem. Tickets are available here.

Watch this space for much more to come from Gia Ford in 2023 and beyond.

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