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Choices by Lucy Spraggan album review

Choices finds singer/songwriter Lucy Spraggan in a reflective mood as she examines some of the tougher times in her life. Read our review.

Choices by Lucy Spraggan album review

When TotalNtertainment spoke to Lucy Spraggan a couple of months ago, the singer/songwriter was already almost a year into a life of sobriety and punishing fitness regimes that came on top of Lucy’s divorce from her partner. To say it’s been a tough couple of years for the pop favourite would be putting it mildly and it comes as no surprise to find her in reflective move on her new album “Choices”.

From the moment she walked out onto the stage and into the hearts of the British public on X-Factor, Lucy’s career has gone from strength to strength. A wonderful storyteller and an equally heartwarming songwriter, nothing has changed on this fantastic album. Sure, there is a more sombre, dramatic mood to the album, with the tone set on opener “Choices”. The life-examing mood continues through the reflective “Sober”, where Spraggan questions old habits, lessons learned, and her own popularity. It’s miles from the cheeky young girl that won standing ovation after standing ovation on X-Factor. “Run To The Hills” finds Spraggan in a more upbeat, positive mood both musically and lyrically while “You’ve Let Yourself Down” is another one of those wonderful examples of how this Northerner can pen note only a cracking story but a really foot-tapper of a pop song.

As this chapter of Lucy’s rollercoaster life comes to a close, the album title-track again finds her in a positive frame of mind. “Choices” is clearly an album full of moments where she lays her mistakes and flaws out for the world to see, it’s tracks like the title-track where corners are turned and life has taken Lucy down a happier more positive route. “Choices” may be an album steeped in inspiration from some of the darker times in her life but her new, positive outlook on life, this album is the beginning of a new, happier story.

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