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Jaguar Jonze shares new single ‘Curled In’

“It’s thanks to art and music that Deena is now, to put it one way, straight-up killing it” VICE

Jaguar Jonze has shared her new single and video “CURLED IN” ahead of the release of her second EP ‘ANTIHERO’ on 16th April, both via Nettwerk Records.

Jaguar Jonze makes music for the moment of implosion. There’s no delay, there’s no need for it. Her music constantly occupies two spaces: one calling us in, lulling with its majestic, eternally frank beauty, the second unafraid to cut us right down to the quick, harshly slicing into our most vulnerable thoughts and feelings. The Asian-Australian singer-songwriter, real name Deena Lynch, also dives directly towards her identity, paying homage to her background throughout the fantastical cyberpunk world she’s created around Jonze. Her artwork, images, and music videos evoke badassery, ranging from Ghost in the Shell to Kurosawa.

Her latest single “CURLED IN” presents all her best qualities at its outset. From the track’s rip-roaring, slicing guitar to her perfectly forceful, omnipresent vocals, “CURLED IN” is a pure cathartic release. “Tear me apart, just tear me apart,” she all but demands: “I’ve never seen wrong be done right.” She’s fulfilling her simplest needs, and it’s freeing. “It’s a bit of a twist for me to be a masochist.” As a survivor of abuse, these words’ unafraid power is all too apparent and an engaging statement to hear expressed.

The EP, ANTIHERO, itself plays like a long overdue reply to everyone who’s ever taken you for granted. On it, Jaguar Jonze takes on the dominant avenger’s role, taking everyone and anyone who deserves it to the task. She says it herself on, “DEADALIVE,” quite acerbically: “Like you’ve never been hurt…” With propelling drums and fuzzy, steadily swirling guitars backing her, the song proves a retort to any notion of giving in to the endless churn of boredom. “MURDER,” despite its title, is far more subtle, with a soothing, mesmerizing riff that leads us deeper into her head. At the same time, lyrically, she expresses a rejection of the typical patriarchal expectations.