Drinks With Infinity Album Review – Geoff Tyson. Review by Chris High

The freshness of Geoff Tyson’s debut instrumental guitar masterpiece, Drinks With Infinity which is released with much anticipation surrounding it on July 31st – is one of many elements that stand out from this graduand of the Satriani school of musicianship: a full term of tutelage which counts only Steve Vai amongst its number.

Six Weeks of Tina kicks things off and the Satriani influence is clear from the get-go. Its own mini-pandemic of technical chord shuffling fuses into joyous whole of Rock infiltrated joy, with a punchy rhythm foundation to support the wizardry Tyson weaves.

Shag is a fun-fest. So much so its up-tempo thematic quality has heads nodding, feet tapping and hands clapping from chord one, whereas Freckle is a veritable, high end chocolate box of lushness that begs for the speakers to be whapped up to warp speed 100.

The sagacious vibe that heralds the opening of Liquid Kitty, is as hypnotic as a the ticking of a pocket watch right up until Tyson smashes the egg and allows his guitar to speak volumes. With this kind of playing, the former Queens of the Stone Age artiste underlines his admirable diversity. Smooth and controlled, Tyson nails the feeling beautifully whilst at the same time encouraging the instrument’s attitude to imbue the sum of the whole with shades of light and dark.

This said, however, it is the out-and-out rocker Bark which will have many a fan and practitioner reaching for their axes so as to speedily imitate Tyson’s licks. Hot and heavy, yet chilled and light, the ease with which Tyson seemingly drills down into the rhythms is a pleasure to experience.

Comparisons with Joe Satriani and Yngwie Malmstein are going to be inevitable, simply through Drinks With Infinity being an instrumental album. Yet this is where such contrasts should end as this is an album which brings together the expected and unforeseen into one huge melting pot of sublime guitar showcasing.

Track list

  1. 6 Weeks of Tina
  2. Shag
  3. Strawberry Napalm
  4. Like Life is Set in Stone
  5. Bark
  6. Asabara
  7. Monkey Love
  8. Freckle
  9. Are You With Me?
  10. Liquid Kitty

Geoff Tyson releases his album ‘Drinks With Infinity’ on Friday 31st July. Pre-order from www.geofftyson.com

Read more about the album release here: https://www.totalntertainment.com/music/geoff-tyson-releases-first-instrumental-guitar-album/

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