Hayden Brenen and L.D.N release Mi Carino

Rollover Luis Fonsi, Latin has a couple of new boys on the block. Furthermore, flying the flag for British Latin pop, Hayden Brenen and L.D.N unleash summer gem ‘Mi Carino’.

It is hard to find anyone who has not heard ‘Despacito.’ It was everywhere last summer, but the fun needn’t end there. We have a new track now, which is giving the global hit a big run for its money. ‘Mi Carino’ is everything which a pop release should be.

Energy is oozing from this track. It almost hits you in the face with its delivery and its beat and melody slap you round the cheeks. Musically, we hear the pair take on a new high and the direction in which they are taking is paying off massively. I could not help but get drawn in, and it is clear to see why.

It kicks off with a majestic piano intro. We are then straight in with a strong performance from Hayden Brenen, who puts his quality firmly on display. He also proves his multilingual talent often blending between English and Spanish. For me, the chorus is the real treat. The chorus on these types of tracks needs to be memorable and forthcoming, and this is precisely that, to be honest. I only had to hear it once before it was securely locked into my brain, spinning around like a psychedelic chimaera.

L.D.N also gives a quality performance with a rap which suits the track tremendously. It just gives more layers to the mix and opens it up more to the hip hop community, which I like a lot. Also, his rap provides the track with added depth, and it keeps us hooked into the finish line.

Overall, a quality release from the pair. Summer is now well and truly underway folks.

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Review by George Kirby

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