Heart Theory – Album Review

Having been performing since 2008, Canadian pop favourite Lindsay Ell only really started to make a mark on the worldwide pop scene a few years ago. However, with momentum carrying her towards becoming more of a household name, the release of “Heart Theory”, her latest album, looks to be the point where she really kicks the doors down and introduces herself to pop fans the world over. With major magazine front covers in the not to distant future and award nominations landing on her doorstep, Ell’s career is only heading in one direction.

That journey will be helped with this brilliant slice of “heartbreak pop”. A concept album, “Heart Theory” sees Ell taking the listener through 12 tracks that explore each stage of grief: shock, denial, anger, bargaining, depression, testing, and acceptance. Getting straight to the point with the opening track “Hits Me”, it may sound like ear-friendly soft-pop but Ell’s lyrics are straight from the heart. Setting the tone for the rest of the album, the likes of “i don’t lovE you” and “get over you” consist of more effortless pop from the Canadian all wrapped around her stories of break-ups, breakdowns and not wanting to let go when it all comes to an end.

Elsewhere though, there are more powerful moments on the album. “make you” sees the Canadian favourite addressing her childhood sexual assault trauma while hoping to use her platform and position to help other victims. It’s a powerful four minutes and one that really stands above the rest of the material on the album. That’s not taking anything away from the rest of the album but there is definitely something more dramatic and hard-hitting about that track when held alongside the rest of the album.

Teaming up with some song-writing powerhouses for this album, Ell is ready to stamp her mark on the worldwide pop audience. Going through troubled times? “Heart Theory” is packed full of songs you’ll go straight to and, as the album ends with the positive “ReadY to love”, Ell shows that, while it may seem like it at the time, it isn’t the end of the world. So, grab a bottle of wine, stick on this collection of songs to help you through to much happier times.

You can find out more about the album here: https://www.totalntertainment.com/music/heart-theory-is-out-this-friday-from-lindsay-ell/

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