Lockdown Laughs – Right Said Fred

What is life in lockdown like for Right Said Fred?? You can find out more below.

Lockdown Laughs Right Said Fred. Right Said Fred are back and they have kick started the summer with the release of their vibrant new EP Good Times Everybody, so we thought is would be a good idea to find out what life has been like in lockdown.

1. Despite the current situation, you have still managed to produce a number 1 single. Have you managed to think of any novel ways to promote it and your EP?

To be honest we’re always quite fatalistic about tracks. For us the days of using pluggers and expensive promo companies is over. The numbers no longer add up, even a #1 single is unlikely to recoup the plugger and promo costs unless it’s an international hit.
Even then there’s no guarantee. We like to use quirky videos, lyric videos and Spotify, the rest is in the lap of the gods

2. One guy escaped lockdown dressed as a shrub to avoid detection. If you did that, what would you and your brother disguise yourselves as ?

Richard would disguise himself as dog poo and I would be the elephant in the room so i get ignored and left alone..

3. If you could spend 24 hours locked down in your favourite store where would it be and what would you do to pass the time ?

Peter Jones on Sloane Sq. Irrespective of what’s happening in the outside world it always feel peaceful, there’s a good cafe, lots of comfy beds and TVs.

4. If you could were allowed to have five people to stay during lockdown, who would you invite for the best Right Said Fred party ?

Delia Smith, Peter Hitchens, Jordan Peterson, Al Murray and Lionel Shriver.

5. Have you been responsible for or suffered any DIY or other disasters during lockdown ?

No, I hate DIY, mostly because I’m really bad at it. That said my brother and I bought gym equipment in April and assembled it ourselves which has to be a first.

6. Tell us the good and bad things about growing up in a house with your brother and any good stories?

My brother was academic so I spent my entire school years being told how smart he was and how i could ‘learn a thing or two from him’. At home we weren’t that close until we both started playing guitar and writing around 12/13 years old but we were always supportive of each other, we didn’t allow people to get in between us.

7. If you could hide undiscovered in your brothers house during lockdown, what would you do to wind him up ?

Have a spare TV remote and change channels while he’s watching something. He’s not at all tech savvy so it would drive him insane.

8. If you could spend lockdown in any other period in time which era and place would you choose and why ?

Venice in the 15th century. Lots of unquestioned frivolity.

9. You’re famous for your hit “I’m Too Sexy” – back then you were too sexy for your shirt. What would you be too sexy for in 2020 ?

Too sexy for ‘Breaking News’, ‘Cookery Shows’, ‘Reality TV’, ‘Talent Shows’ and for people who wear masks in the street.

10. Finally, we’re now halfway through 2020, providing life returns to some kind of normality what can we expect from Right Said Fred in 2021?

In terms of writing and recording we’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done. Playing live is impossible to predict, personally i don’t think live entertainment will recover next year, it’s going to take longer in my opinion. With regards to our film projects we are expecting to start production next year. We have some very good talent attached and we’re funded, so fingers crossed.

You can find out more about the EP  here: www.rightsaidfred.com

And here: https://www.totalntertainment.com/music/right-said-fred-new-ep-good-times-everybody/