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“Higher” by Michael Bublé Album Review

“Higher” is another silky-smooth sounding collection of songs from the superstar voice.

“Higher” by Michael Bublé – Album Review

Michael Bublé is a music institution and listening to his new album “Higher”, the latest in a career that has spanned for over two decades, his astonishing career is just going from strength to strength. A huge album, “Higher” is essentially the sound of the Canadian superstar doing what he does best which is massive sounding songs matched with an equally massive personality.

A mix of covers and originals, “Higher” is another silky-smooth sounding collection of songs from the superstar voice. It’s a voice that makes millions of fans swoon and, as expected, is again flawlessly silky. Opening with the upbeat pop of “I’ll Never Not Love You”, it’s the kind of heart-melting song that most lesser singers can only dream of producing. Elsewhere, “My Valentine”, co-written with Sir Paul McCartney, is a soaring piece of work while Bublé’s own version of “A Nightingale Sang in Berkley Square” has all the extravagance of a Broadway show.

A look down the tracklisting sees a healthy mix of cover tracks and collaborations on “Higher” including a collaboration with country star Willie Nelson on “Crazy” alongside Bublé’s own take on the Bob Dylan classic “Make You Feel My Love”. Of the originals, “Mother” is tinged with emotion while the title track is a fantastic slice of sultry pop matched with a video premiered from outer space. On this evidence, it’d be impossible to accuse the superstar of doing things by half!

The album finishes with a faithful rendition of “Smile” by Charlie Chaplin. Another wonderful reworking by Michael to finish off an album that will have his millions of fans doing just that. Of course, you could say that the Canadian has done no different than he has done for the last twenty-odd years but it’s a formula that has turned the singer into an icon across the world and, let’s face it, when your work is popular enough to be premiered from outer space, you could say that it is a formula that has, is and, probably for the rest of his career, worked pretty well for him.

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