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You only have to take one look at anything related to alt-metal band In This Moment to see that image is a huge part of their package. From artwork to band imagery to promo photos and right through to their epic live show, everything about this band is set to grab your attention. So, will their latest album ‘Mother’ match their stunning visuals or will the end product fall short?

Well, recent single “The In-Between” hinted that the album was going to be massive but nothing prepares you for how big this album is. Starting off with the brooding “Fly Like An Eagle”, a pulsing slice of electro-rock, ‘Mother’ is slow to get off the ground but once it does the end result is astonishing. The title track is a powerful four minutes which sees Maria Brink throwing everything but the kitchen sink into her performance. “As Above So Below” is a grinding, pulsing slice of electronic-drenched modern rock as is “God Is She”. Joe Cotela of Dred joins the band as they ramp it up for the thunderous “Hunting Grounds” while “Lay Me Down” has the kind of fist-banging heartbeat that is at the core of In This Moment’s sound.

It would be disappointing if ‘Mother’ finished in anything other than dramatic fashion. Thankfully, the band signs off this album in style with the truly epic six-minute track “Into Dust”. It’s a perfect sign off to the album and one that shows how multi-faceted this band is.

One thing we haven’t mentioned at this point is their multi-vocalist collaboration on “We Will Rock You”. Featuring Maria Brink, Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) and Taylor Momsen (The Pretty Reckless), the jury is still out on their rendition of this rock classic. However, while there are certain bands whose material should be left alone, they couldn’t have picked a more heavyweight rock anthem for this album.

As mentioned at the start, ‘Mother’ is a truly massive album but it needed to be. Modern metal at its finest, this album has everything. The songs are dramatic, epic slices of alt-metal. Brink pours heart and soul into her performance and when you pull all of that together and add in the superb imagery, it’s hard to describe In This Moment as anything other than the complete package.

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