10 Questions with Laura Oakes, who returns with her brand new EP ’How Big Is Your World’ which is due for release 27th March. Ahead of the release we got to chat with Laura about her EP, her 18th birthday and more.

1. Hi Laura, thanks for your time. Your new EP is out this week, exciting times. What can we expect from the EP ?

You can expect honest storytelling, songwriting influenced by the classic singer/songwriters of the 1970s but a with contemporary, more electronic feel for 2020.

2. You grew up in a family of music fanatics. How did that help when you wanted to pursue a musical career ?

It helped so much because my family completely supported my decision to tread what is, at times, a very uncertain and difficult career path. I 100% would not be doing what I’m doing today without their influence and support.

3. What is the first musical memory you have that made an impact on your life ?

I just remember taking singing so seriously even when I was about 4 years old! My Mum was a singer and I wanted to be like her so my earliest memory is dressing me and my younger brother up in the matching sequin “stage” outfits I’d begged my Mum to buy me for my dressing up box (I had a the dress and I put him in the matching sequin jacket) and getting us both up onto the coffee table with my Mum’s microphone stands and performing a duo for our Mum and Dad – I was four and my brother was two at the time!

4. For your 18th birthday you went to Nashville. What made you want to visit Nashville and was it everything you imagined it to be ?

I fell in love with Country Music as a teenager, when I saw Carrie Underwood singing Martina McBride and Dixie Chicks songs on American Idol – being from the UK, I’d never heard music like that before and I just instantly loved it. From there on in – all I thought about was Nashville and I eventually ended up there for my 18th birthday after a lot of begging and persuading – I still can’t believe how amazing my parents are for doing that for me. It was everything and more than I’d imagined and it still is even when I’m back over there now all those years later.

5. How do you feel you changed as a musician and a songwriter after visiting somewhere as important to music and you as Nashville ?

My first time in Nashville was life changing – just being around some many other people who love the things you love is beyond inspiring.

6. Okay, now the EP is out, it must be a tough time for you not being able to promote it with gigs. How has the current situation affected your plans ?

It’s such a weird time – it’s been so hard not being able to play any of the shows or do any of the radio we had planned around the release but the main thing is everyone stays safe right now.

7. What are you doing to keep busy? Any online gigs? Any plans to reschedule your tour ?

Yes I’m trying to keep as busy as possible, I’m doing a live song everyday at 4:30pm on Facebook – I’m calling that my Lockdown Jukebox series. It’s nice to have a regular slot and something that people can tune into everyday. I luckily managed to complete my March tour just before any restrictions where put in place which I feel very lucky to have got to do.

8. While it must be a frustrating time for you, what are your goals and ambitions as a singer moving forward?

My next focus is to release a full length album – that’s what I’d love to set my sights on next.

9. Just for fun: What’s the one food you could never bring yourself to eat and why?

This may sound odd to a lot of people but Trifle. I don’t like Jelly or Cream or those weird spongy things that go in it so a trifle would be my worst nightmare haha.

10. Good luck with the EP, any final message for fans waiting to hear from you ?

Thank you so much – I hope everybody is keeping safe and well in this crazy and uncertain time. We will get through it together by looking after one another.

For more information go to www.lauraoakesmusic.com

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