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Jalle ‘I’m Sorry’ EP review

Jalle. An indie singer-songwriter from Nottingham. See what we had to say about the EP here

Jalle EP Review ‘I’m Sorry’ Jalle. An indie singer-songwriter from Nottingham (my neck of the woods, whoop!). Having performed with rising star ENNY in London for BBC Music Introducing Live and championed by music legend Annie Mac and BBC Radio Nottingham’s Dean Jackson (and let’s face it, the king of the Nottingham music scene), he’s well on his way to the big time. He’s today released his sophomore EP, “I’m Sorry”, which has been influenced by the likes of Machine Gun Kelly, Post Malone and blackbear (not personally a fan of any of those but anywho), and I’m intrigued to hear what he’s got in store.

Listen to the EP here

“Hate Me” begins the 10 minute EP, and it starts very strong, and you can see those influences coming through straight away, even some Yungblud in there too. It’s produced impeccably well and his sound is inspired but unique to him at the same time. It’s a great start. “Punk”, despite it being slightly weaker than the preceding track, still slaps. It has more of an indie feel which makes this style of music unique and refreshing to him. “Lazy Bones” features Boy Destroy, another relatively new artist, and is definitely the weakest track on here, despite its brilliant production. I can see the appeal of the track, for sure, and I can see a lot of people digging this kind of thing, but critically, I believe there are flaws in its repetition and sound. Moving onto the final track from “I’m Sorry” titled “Blame Myself”, which is a slower track, showing off a more versatile side to Jalle while still having his stamp on it. Only the very best can do something like that, so that’s not something I can ignore. It’s a gorgeous yet formidable track that works on so many levels.

Three paragraphs in, and I’m already on my conclusion (note to my editor: I’ll have more of these types of reviews please!). But what do I think? I think Jalle is a fine artist who has something very different about him while still being current. “I’m Sorry” is a short collection of tracks that leaves a real impact. It’s not going to be everyone’s thing, but I get the vibe that Jalle doesn’t want to impress anyone, he just wants to do his own thing, and I love that. If this is what he can do now, just imagine what he can do five years from now? I wish him the very best of luck, and I’m definitely looking out for him in the future, and you should too. You’ve heard him here first.

Ranking: ⭐⭐⭐⭐


“Hate Me”

Other bangers:


“Blame Myself”


“Lazy Bones” feat. Boy Destroy