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Lightning Seeds – See You In The Stars Review

Lightning Seeds return with their first proper album in thirteen years, an album full of sadness and positivity. Read our review here.

Lightning Seeds – “See You In The Stars” Album Review by Graham Finney

It’s impossible to hear the name The Lightning Seeds and not immediately associate it with the hit single “Three Lions” considering that, glossing over 2009’s Four Winds an album which main man Ian Broudie didn’t promote, it’s been thirteen years since the Liverpudlian band put out a record. However, a sold-out tour recently showed how much love music fans have for the band and, as the gentle opener “Losing You” marks their return, that bond will only grow stronger.

A song about love, both falling in and out of, Broudie’s lyrics feel tinged with something of sadness as he sings “love is just a lonely feeling”. As the album continues through recent single “Emily Smiles”, themes of past memories start to form through Broudie’s heartfelt lyrics. The single offers an insight into Broudie’s mindset when going through writing this album with common themes of love and sadness rippling through the likes of “Green Eyes”.

For all the sadness, though, there is plenty of positivity throughout the album, particularly the upbeat “Great To Be Alive” a track Broudie co-wrote with The Coral’s James Skelly, a band Broudie regular champions. “Sunshine” is another upbeat number and the jangly tempo is certainly well-received as we head into dark nights and grey days. In fact, hearing Broudie singing “sometimes the sun shines in my heart and every little thing feels just fine…”, is all you’ll need to brighten your mood.

One of the album’s most powerful moments, the slower “Fit For Purpose” sees Broudie putting the personal loss he has experienced into three heartfelt minutes while the album closes with the title track. This song again sees Broudie tackling the emotional subject of personal loss, this time of a close friend. Unsurprisingly, as is the case throughout the album, Broudie tackles the subject matter in an honest, thoughtful manner.

For long-standing fans of the band, See You In The Stars has been thirteen long years in the making but, it has proved to be a collection of songs that has been well worth the wait. Both tinged in sadness and positivity, this return takes the listener on an emotional walk down memory lane but will have them coming out of the other side knowing that things do get better over time.

The album is out on the 14th October.

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