Indie fans will know Love Fame Tragedy as the solo project of Wombats frontman Matthew ‘Murph’ Murphy. ‘Life Is A Killer’ is Murphy’s latest full-lengther as a solo artist and, while it finds Murphy in a reflective mood, it’s also an album full of catchy, poppy, indie earworms.

“Slipping Away” is the perfect example of this with the frontman admitting “I can’t tell any more if you want me or not and I can’t tell any more if I give a f***.” Played out over an infectious pop hook, the combination conjures images of huge festival crowds singing along to the ridiculously hooky line. It is just one of the many certified indie bangers on Murphy’s new solo full-lengther.

Elsewhere “My Head Is A Hurricane” finds the Wombat’s frontman giving an honest appraisal of his mindset but, again, as with the rest of the album, Murph delivers his words over a delicious arena-ready, dancy pop melody.

Inspired by his wife and experiences juggling family life and being the frontman of a world famous band, the likes of “Tangerine Dream” is another self-reflective view of life through the eyes of the frontman and, despite those delicious melodies and infectious hooks, that life hasn’t always been a bed of roses for Murphy.

Obviously a reflective peice of work, it’s Murphy’s use of authentic voice notes from his wife which really hammer home how deeply personal and emotional the creation and birth of ‘Life Is A Killer’ must have been for the frontman and it’s time to lay those outpourings of heartfelt honesty out for the world to see.

Throughout all of those tough times the frontman has faced over the past couple of years, it hasn’t stopped him from being able to write infectious indie-pop the kind of which has turned him into a household name and, while life as a frontman holding the attention of tens of thousands of fans the world over might look like a glamorous one, there are so many moments littering this wonderful album, where the reality of it isn’t quite so perfect.

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