Italian pianist and composer Fabrizio Paterlini is releasing a Deluxe Edition of Riverscape with three additional tracks, under exclusive license to M.A.S.T./Believe. It’s being released on International Piano Day, which is held on the 88th day of the year (March 29th in normal years and March 28th in leap years) in celebration of and reference to the 88 keys on a standard piano. Listen to the album here.

The Deluxe Edition comes with three exclusive songs including ‘Chamber 24’, ‘Jumping On The Stars’ and ‘The Wait’. The brand new tracks are inspired by the flows, rhythms, and stories carried by the water. Described by listeners as emotive, ethereal, and tellingly passionate, Fabrizio has garnered over 229 million + streams across multiple streaming platforms, including Apple Music and Spotify, transporting listeners to surreal, dreamlike landscapes and reinstating a sense of tranquillity through his compositions.

Fabrizio Paterlini explains: “The Wait” is certainly the most intimate and whispered piece of the entire record. The piano is fragile just like the entire melodic line, the atmosphere is rarefied, and the piece never resolves until the end when an almost imperceptible closing note marks its conclusion. “Chamber 24” is a piece written while I was on tour in Paris, the music reflects the French atmosphere and cradles the listener through a celesta riff, later joined by piano and orchestra. “Jumping On The Stars” revolves around a harmonic piano loop, later accompanied by percussive elements and electronic drums. The piece then culminates with an explosion of synthesizers representing the dynamic peak of the song, which then slowly retreats to return to the initial piano riff. I hope you enjoy it.”

The Album Riverscape is a collaboration between Paterlini and Dutch photographer and visual artist Kristel Schneider, coming to fruition from an idea which sparked during the pandemic years. Using Kristel’s photographs of the French Allier River, alongside his own familiar experiences of living on the banks of the PO River in Italy, Fabrizio created a sparkly, complex soundtrack that highlights the languages, smells, and stories embedded in the water’s rich history.

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