Love & Peace – Seasick Steve album review by Chris High

In all fairness, there are few of a right mind who are going to argue with the sentiment of the opening track of Seasick Steve’s latest album and its eponymously titled opener. “Gotta stop the hatred now and get back to love and peace,” is something we all should take heed of, surely?  However, when it’s sung and played with such an earworm vibe as this then, hands clasped in fervent prayer, there are a lot more than me who take the message on board.

This is Steven Gene Leach’s eleventh studio release since breaking out on Jools Holland’s 2006 Hootenanny and never has the man sounded finer. His laid back style, deep blues licks and resonating conversational lyrics all combine throughout, but never more so than on I Will Do For You: a song which simply hums ‘cool’.

The Three String Trance Wonder Seasick Steve favours gives a vibe as recognisable as lighting in a thunderstorm, with Carni Days hailing back to the poor blues early days of Robert Johnson. A tale of joy and hardship mixed with longing and heartbreak, it is little wonder the Californian born bluesman has such a huge following of loyal pilgrims waiting on his every chord with baited breath.

My Woman sees long time bandsmen, bass man John Paul Jones and drummer Dan Magnusson provide a heady foundation for a story of love and devotion par excellence, with Steve’s wit and honesty shining through, while Mercy showcases the artists ability to conjure images of long nights wishing, hoping and praying for better days ahead.

Love & Peace is old school, straight down the line blues at its finest. If its whistles and bells you want, look someplace else. Then again if its whistles and bells you want, then the blues aren’t for you anyway.


Love & Peace

Regular Man

I Will Do For You

Clock Is Running

Carni Days

Church of Me

Toes in the Mud

My Woman

Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Boogie

Travelling Man

Ready Or Not


Audio CD 

Number of Discs: 1 


ASIN: B085K8N7L1 

Other Editions: Vinyl |  MP3 Download

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