The last couple of years for singer-songwriter Maisie Peters have been meteoric to say the least. Now, having signed to Ed Sheeran’s Gingerbread Records label along with a diary which contained dates supported her label owner, Peters is on the cusp of becoming one of the stars of modern British pop with the release of her second album, “The Good Witch”.

Opening with the title-track where Peters announces “Now I’m twenty-two years old, let’s call this the calm before the storm…”, you get the feeling that the rest of this fifteen-track effort will see the singer-songwriter delving back into the good and bad of her of short life so far. “Coming of Age” is a fantastic slice of edgy modern pop. A blueprint for the rest of the album, this three minutes of attitude-packed pop will hook in the listener early doors.

Switching from melancholic passages to outbursts of expletive-laden attitude, “Watch” sees Peters light the fuse under this album. “You’re Just A Boy (And I’m Kinda The Man)” has the singer confidently exclaiming she is “on a one-way trip to take over the world” over a snappy pop beat. Progressing through the more experimental “Run” or the soaring “BSC”, confidence is something you could never accuse Peters of lacking. Whether that be confidence in her music or her honest lyrics, at no point during the course of this album does Peters sound like she is holding back.

As for heartwrenchers, “The Good Witch” has those as well. Both “Wendy” and “Two Weeks Ago” find the mood changing from out and out pop bangers to something more reflective. That being said whether it is melancholic ballads, dancefloor fillers or attitude-filled pop explosions to get you through a rubbish break-up, “The Good Witch” will have something to tick every single one of those boxes.

Yes, the subject matter of relationships and break-ups isn’t a particularly new one but Peters wonderfully honest take on the subject most definitely hits the mark. If “The Good Witch” is the start of a huge new chapter in her career, expect Maisie Peters to become a name you won’t be able to avoid over the next twelve months.

“The Good Witch” is available in various formats from the Official Maisie Peters Webstore.

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