By now, fans of Atlanta three-piece Omni should be well-versed in what to expect from the band. The addition of seeing the iconic Sub-Pop logo alone on the back of the ‘Souvenir’ should provide further evidence if any is needed. However, while the release of their fourth record and second for the new home doesn’t see the three-piece stray too far from the path, the creation of this album during and post-pandemic took the brunt of their pent-up creative energy.

Inspired by alt-rock and post-punk powerhouses like R.E.M and The Cure, singer/bassist Philip Frobos and his two bandmates craft an uncomplicated sound. The perfect example of this is “Plastic Pyramid”, a jangly affair which trundles along seemingly without a care in the world. A hazy demonstration of why the Atlanta band resonate so closely with their fanbase, “Plastic Pyramid” sees the band joined by Izzy Glaudini from synth-rock outfit Automatic. It’s one of a number of appearances by Glaudini throughout the album with her dreamy backing vocals fitting effortlessly into Omni’s carefully crafted sound.

Created as an individual, self-standing collection of audio objects, ‘Souvenir’ isn’t necessarily a concept album in the way one would expect but right through the album, it feels like ‘Souvenir’ is taking the listener on a journey. Furthermore, even though the band state lyrics and melodies were at times written in the back of a van, it feels like every note, every word and every melody has been carefully pored over to fit together perfectly in neat little musical packages each one lasting barely two minutes but leaving an immediate impact on the listener.

An album of moods and shifts, ‘Souvenir’ meanders between moments of happiness, romance, dreaminess, and urgency. However, one thing that resonates throughout this album, is that this, for each listener, ‘Souvenir’ is a piece of work that will conjur up many of your own individual memories.

To pick up your copy of ‘Souvenir’, head over to their here.

Omni also play the following UK shows in April:

April 10 – Green Door Store, Brighton, United Kingdom
April 11 – Strange Brew, Bristol, United Kingdom
April 12 – The Cornish Bank, Falmouth, United Kingdom
April 14 – Workmans Club, Dublin 2, Ireland
April 15 – The Hug & Pint, Glasgow, United Kingdom
April 16 – Brudenell Social Club, Leeds, United Kingdom
April 17 – Deaf Institute, Manchester, United Kingdom
April 18 – Hare & Hound, Birmingham, United Kingdom
April 19 – Where Else? , Margate, United Kingdom
April 20 – Moth Club, London, United Kingdom

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