KillerStar is a new band led by Rob Fleming (vocals, guitar, synths) and James Sedge (drums) which features an array of David Bowie’s most trusted collaborators: Mike Garson on piano, Earl Slick and Mark Plati on guitar, Gail Ann Dorsey and Tim Lefebvre on bass, Emm Gryner on backing vocals, and Donny McCaslin on saxophone. Collectively they have crafted a sound which fuses the scale of classic rock with sophisticated harmonies and elements of art rock.

Strangely though, while Bowie nuts might recognise a reference in that name — the album was never intended as a Bowie homage, and nor does it sound like one. It came out of Rob and James’s love of timeless music from the early 1970s to primeval rock n’ roll to contemporary indie music. But Bowie chose these musicians for their unique style and ability and that is what they have brought to the album (read more about that here).

As you’ll will hear on KillerStar’s eponymously named album, due out on March 1st, there are fleeting touches that recall classic Bowie moments, but really this is something altogether new and exciting. Bowie chose these musicians for their unique style and ability, and that is what they have brought to the record: reunited friends and some new connections, all playing to complement the songwriting rather than to retread the iconic music they created alongside their visionary former leader.

Ahead of the release of the album, TotalNtertainment sat down with James and Rob to discuss the album, how they got together, and what they would do to annoy each other. Unsurprisingly, the subject of David Bowie came up in the conversation as the pair talked about how inspiration the icon was to both of them and what it was like working with members of his band.

Watch the full interview below and keep up-to-date with all Killerstar’s news and pre-order the album, out on March 1st, here.

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