Outline Ditch Jazz Sound With ‘Candid’ – Single Review

Outline, are a Birmingham based four-piece, indie-pop band. But, they have not always been this type of group. The sound of their new release ‘Candid’ is a change in direction for the traditional outfit. It delves more into the indie and pop realms, which seems to be a sensible idea to me.

Everybody knows how well this type of music is doing. You only need to check the global charts to see that. Therefore, who can blame them for changing paths? Also, who is to say they will not return to their original sound at some point down the line.

‘Candid’ follows the highly acclaimed releases, ‘She Said’ and ‘Midnight Mind’. Both of which are great tracks. But, I feel this one is even better. It has more quality to it, in my opinion. It feels like it has been produced more cleverly and has a lot more excitement surrounding it. Also, I know a few mates over in Birmingham who said that they are well aware of ‘Outline’ from the music scene up there and they are blowing up very quickly. Therefore, watch this space. Although still unsigned and with a lot of work to do, they are on the way up. When they do hit that top spot, you can say you heard them here first.

Overall, ‘Candid’ is a justifiably definite pop hit. Although, the band will need to bring out more equally as good tracks if not better releases to ensure that they keep climbing the music industry ladder. An album or E.P full of bangers should cement this bands name in the hottest artists to keep an eye on in 2020. However, let’s hope they have other tracks ready because self-isolation is going to restrict that all-important album or E.P we need to hear.

For more info on the band go to www.outlineband.com

Review by George Kirby

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