Review by Graham Finney

It’s hard to believe that it has been seven years since Snow Patrol put any new music out but, with the return of the band and their new album “Wildness”, this will be the first time fans of the hugely popular rock outfit have heard anything from the band since 2011. So, having disappeared from existence following the release of their last offering “Fallen Empires”, what do Snow Patrol bring to the plate in 2018 with their new material?

Well, judging by the melancholic air washing over the material, little has changed style wise from the band. The album doesn’t go as far as exploding into life with opener “Life On Earth”, instead it’s a gentle opener which builds into a big brooding mid-section before calmly concluding. From there, the album follows a similar pattern musically as tracks like “Don’t Give In”, “What If This Is All The Love You Get” and “Soon” barely break out of a snails pace but have that brooding, dramatic air that Snow Patrol do so well. Listening throughout “Wildness” it’s clear from frontman Gary Lightbody’s lyrics that the singer has used the material as a way of pouring out what has been a difficult period in his life. From drugs to depression, Lightbody has a wealth of inspiration which has resulted in lyrically emotional tracks like “Don’t Give In”.

Although this may be the first Snow Patrol album in seven years, there can’t have been anybody out there who was expecting a dramatic change in routine for the band can there? A booming album full of rousing anthems was never going to be on the cards but, if you’re a long term fan of the UK outfit, this album should be the return from the band that you’ve been waiting for.

Rating: 7.5 out of 10

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