“Tell Me That It’s Over” Wallows Album Review

As you start to listen to “Tell Me That It’s Over”, the new album from Los Angeles indie-rock trio Wallows, there is something you can’t quite put your finger on. Not in a bad way but something just niggles in the back of your mind as the indie collective work through their indie poems. It’s only when you dig deeper into the lyrical content of the album do you realise there is much more to this record than meets the eye/ear.

Let’s start with the music first. The follow-up to their 2019 debut album, “Nothing Happens”, “Tell Me That It’s Over” is a wonderful collection of summery indie rock songs. Packed full of synths, 80s-inspired pop, fuzzy indie guitars and, well, if you listen closely enough, there is a splash of harmonica thrown into the mix. The melodies on tracks like opener “Hard To Believe”, “Marvelous” and “That’s What I Get” are easy to digest and just make you feel warm inside. The whole album from start to finish is the perfect soundtrack to hazy Spring afternoons lazing around. It’s pleasant to listen to, easy to get into and hard to fault.

However, dig deeper into the album and you’ll find that is only half of the story. You see, throughout the album, these are songs packed with emotion and raw honesty as vocalist Dylan Minnette uses the time and the songs to take a deep dive into failed relationships. Songs like “I Don’t Want To Talk” and “That’s What I Get” are both painfully honest and heart-wrenchingly sad. The kind of songs Wallow write are about those times we’ve all been through. From those moments of insecurity to those that are just downright heartbreaking, Minnette channels his emotions into a wonderful collection of lyrics.

“Tell Me That It’s Over” is the kind of album that will affect you on multiple levels. It’s infuriatingly easy to get into. The songs are simple but effective while lyrically, Wallows are the kind of band who, as you’re lying there in your bedroom wondering what you did to make it all go wrong, will soon make you realise you’re not alone.

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