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The Glow – DMA’S album review

A lyrical joy, musical roustabout and production delight, this is arguably the track of the album

The Glow Album Review by Chris High

Oh my! DMA’S: Where have you been all of my life? Other than supporting the likes of Liam Gallagher and racking up a hell of a reputation on the festival circuits of Europe pre-Lockdown that is?

The band, for the uninitiated – the initials of which deriving from the previous incarnations of the same – hail from Sydney, Australia, and The Glow is their third studio album after ‘Hills End’ and ‘For Now’. In the studio, DMA’S are a three piece consisting of Tommy O’Dell on vocals, Matthew Mason on lead guitar and Johnny Took on acoustic. Live they transform into a six piece, but we can leave that for another day.

The Glow could not be released at a better time. Following the months of bad news, uncertainty and general gloom, here is an album to lift the spirits and get hips gyrating, feet tapping and hands clapping with gusto.

Never Before kicks things off beautifully, with hints of Inspiral Carpets mixed with Stone Roses mixed with Oasis. The haunting, almost lethargic ease with which O’Dell breathes ‘sultry’ into every word is mesmerising.

The Glow is a stomper, designed to have crowds up and bouncing, with a delicious keys backdrop that provides the track with a real fire. Life Is a Game of Changing, on the other hand, might well be mistaken for being some kind of 80s disco number penned by The Pet Shop Boys …but with cajunas!

There is a freshness to DMA’S that is a delight to listen to: infused with an enthusiasm, vim and vigour that truly shakes out the dust, knocks down the cobwebs and revitalises the soul. Never more is this the case than with Hello Girlfriend. A lyrical joy, musical roustabout and production delight, this is arguably the track of the album, alongside  the powerhouse vibe and contagiously delightful Round and Around.

As debuts go, DMA’S have created something truly magical. Now for that next album and then the world. DMA’S, seriously, where have you been all my life?


Never Before

The Glow


Life is a Game of Changing



Learning Alive

Hello Girlfriend


Round & Around


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