In 2017 I was hovering around the Glastonbury festival, trudging to one of the smaller tents to catch a glimpse of The Lemon Twigs, heavy with buzz after their eclectic debut Do Hollywood. I got there a little early and caught the end of an energetic show by a young pop damsel by the name of Dua Lipa. 7 years later she’s headlining Glastonbury and the Twigs aren’t. We used to be a proper country..

I digress. After 2023’s universally acclaimed Everything Harmony, comes a swift follow up in the shape of A Dream Is All We Know, and it’s another collection of 3 minute pop rock delights

My Golden Years kicks us off and it’s evident early on that 5 albums in and there’s a growing maturity and introspection in the song writing which feels organic and adds a new weight to the songs.

They Don’t Know How To Fall In Place is classic Twigs aping of one of their main influences, this time it’s Brian Wilson and his family, in a tune where the harmonies would not be out of place on Pet Sounds.

The title track is a delightful mix of all that is sumptuous about the band, we slide from ballad, into glam rock then over to pop with the melodic vocals that have become the trademark of the brothers D’Addario.

In The Eyes of the Girl is curious in that it includes Sean Ono Lennon on producing duty, I strived to hear something to suggest an exterior presence in the studio but alas I couldn’t, still a pretty ditty.

For long time fans, part of the fun is spotting the post prevalent influence on each song as the band don’t so much wear them on their sleeves as invade your eardrums with them. None more so on standout track Peppermint Roses, with it’s hints of psychedelia it wouldn’t be out of place on Revolver, so it’s obviously ace.

The LP ends Rock On (Over and Over) and we’re talking real Glam Rock ro close us out, funky guitars, extravagant riffs and wild falsetto is a nice bookend to a record full of softer moments.

Another winner from The Lemon Twigs, the boys from Long Island, I already can’t wait to hear these new tracks added to their live repertoire, I strongly suggest you do the same.

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