A new day is the best time to make a change, whether you’re taking the plunge to pursue a dream job, planning the trip of a lifetime, or looking to fulfil an ambition that has always eluded you. Days after his 21st birthday, St. Lundi packed up a bag of clothes, gathered his meagre savings, and left his hometown of Hayling Island to attempt to make a career for himself in London. It wasn’t easy, but now he’s a musician with 120 million+ streams to his credit, high profile collabs with Kygo and Seeb to his name, airplay at Radio 2 and newly announced shows including playing to 60k people this June when he supports Take That on their Irish tour. It’s a story he shares in his new single ‘Following My Heart’. Listen HERE.

‘Following My Heart’ is a song that brims with the optimism of braving a brand-new start. Big open-hearted melodies and St. Lundi’s inviting vocals beckon listeners to come along for the ride as he tells his story with pure honesty. The directness of his lyrics will speak to those in a similar situation – perhaps they too want to escape a “town where everyone’s growing old” for “a place where I can be all that I want to be.” It’s a song succinctly summed up by his revealing lyric, “I’m not running from the old me / I just want to bring myself to life.”

St. Lundi says, “‘Following My Heart’ is all about the day when I packed my bags and left home and I followed my dream. To anyone out there with a dream, big or small, never forget it. Keep chasing it because it can definitely become reality one day.”

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