These Two Windows is the newest offering from Alec Benjamin. For the past three months, and for the foreseeable future, any form of live entertainment is a no go. Gone are the big arena shows and the massive festivals as the entire planet continues in lockdown. During these times, musicians are looking at different ways of getting their music out there and, from the biggest pop stars like Take That to your local bands, more and more artists are turning to intimate performances. For some artists, as is the case with twenty-five year old songwriter Alec Benjamin, their music feels like it is perfectly suited to this kind of environment.

Not that the music on his debut album, “These Two Windows”, doesn’t deserve to be heard by millions of people the world over and the popularity of his single “Let Me Down Slowly” proved that. However, listening to the gentle, melancholic almost vulnerable songs written by the singer-songwriter, you can almost imagine him sat on his bed with a pen and a notepad writing them out. The songs on “These Two Windows” are easy on the ear, almost inoffensive to listen to but, dig deeper, and you’ll find a hugely personal piece of work. Tracks like “Demons” and “I’m Not A Cynic” are the workings of a young man delving deep into his soul. Incredibly intimate and honest, his lyrics are probably suited to something musically grittier. “These Two Windows” on a musical level is a very gentle album that sometimes doesn’t quite fit the emotional soul-bearing of Benjamin’s words.

That being said “These Two Windows”, thanks to the intimacy portrayed by Benjamin, is the kind of album you can lose yourself away with locked away in your bedroom. It doesn’t need big crowds, in fact, should these songs be played out in front of thousands of people, you wonder how much that vulnerability will be lost. This is the kind of album that, up close and personal, would perfectly suit the kind of intimate, gigs some of your biggest pop heroes have been forced into playing.

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