Alice Fraser’s critically acclaimed Savage is a stand-up comedy show that breaks the mould: Savage is a comedy about things that are actually sad.

Savage tells the story of Alice’s mother’s long illness and how a chance conversation led her to a rage-filled existential moment. It is a hilarious and heartfelt show about pain, beauty, vanity and the need to enjoy life while you can.

“I wanted to write a silly, funny, happy, light-hearted show that was not about anything much but I couldn’t, because when I was trying to write about nothing I couldn’t write about anything. Why? Because I was really sad. I couldn’t write a silly, funny, light-hearted comedy show, so I wrote Savage instead.”

Alice Fraser

The show has quietly become a word of mouth hit and has sustained a life that has far exceeded that of a standard hour of stand up. It is part of the Alice Fraser Trilogy that was voted Best Australian Podcast of 2018 by Apple and five years on from its original run at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, Alice is still being asked to perform it live.


Alice Fraser is an award-winning comedy performer, writer and broadcaster.  She’s also an ex academic, ex-corporate Lawyer and (sort of) banjo player. Alice does reliably silly, unpredictably meaningful, narratively unorthodox, gut-punch comedy.

Her solo shows MythosEthosEmpireThe Resistance (filmed and broadcast by ABC Australia) and Savage, have all received four- and five-star reviews at festivals across the world. Alice has given a TEDx Talk about vanity in the face of death, debated the power of the media against Julian Assange at Splendour in the Grass and once did a gig in a Butcher’s shop next to a rotating meat display that was much more stressful than either of those things.

Alice is the regular co-host on The Bugle podcast and is the host of the new daily Bugle off-shoot podcast The Last Post, she is the co-host of BBC Radio 4 series Stranger Than Sci-Fi and has hosted two series for Audible.  Her ‘conversational’ podcast Tea With Alice has a devoted following across the world and her podcast Trollplay featuring the worst of the internet and how to combat it was a cult hit in 2018.

Her new show will be called Chronos and will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2020 and will tour the UK in the second half of the year. Expect jokes and stories about our perceptions and understanding of time and memory. And a ban

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