The Edinburgh Fringe 2024 is a laugh riot unlike any other. This year’s comedy scene boasts a fresh crop of rising stars alongside seasoned veterans, all vying for your chuckle. Expect everything from cutting-edge social commentary to absurd physical antics – there’s a show guaranteed to leave you breathless (from laughter, not the Edinburgh crowds!).

Ian Stone – Ian Stone is Keeping It Together – Ian IS keeping it together but only just. Yes, he has all his own hair and teeth and keeps a tight control over his between meal snacking but what does it matter when the Tories are still in power, there’s war in the middle east and Donald Trump could be allowed back (back!!) into the White House? How can there be such terrible pain and suffering in the world even though Ian always rates his WhatsApp calls, package delivery and parking experience? UK Tour + Ed Fringe: The Counting House Ballroom (free & unticketed) – 1st August – 25th August at 4pm (excludes 12th August) National Tour 2024 (

Mental Health Advocate, Comedian and Author Dave Chawner will return to the Edinburgh Fringe with his new show, 6 Steps To Success From The ‘Award Winning’ Dave Chawner. The afternoon show, which runs from August 1st to August 25th at The Counting House, starts at 6:15 p.m. and is free to attend. The new show tackles toxic positivity. Last year, Dave won an award that made me explore impostor syndrome and question what ‘success’ means. The #1 best-selling author will answer these questions and more during the show, in which the “hilariously entertaining” comedian—as defined by critics—will share 6 steps to success, happiness, healthiness, and complete fulfilment in life at The Counting House, August 1st to August 25th 2024 at 6.15pm (Free).

Comedian, actor and writer Kate-Lois Elliott will make her Ed Fringe debut with How To Belong Without Joining A Cult. The show centres around the true story of Kate’s family, who were brought up in a secretive cult until her mum escaped as a teenager. One generation later, in a completely unrelated set of events, a teenage Kate finds herself in the clutches of an equally toxic & militant operation… your average group of teenage girls. Now, Kate is confronting her aversion to friendship cliques and trying to figure out why it’s so impossibly hard to exit a WhatsApp group with your dignity intact. Gilded Balloon, 31 July – 26th August 2024 at 4pm (excludes 19th August).

Kurt Sterling is a Sydney-based stand-up comedian and 2024 Raw Comedy NSW state finalist. Fresh from a sold-out show at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, Kurt will be making his debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2024 with his show Corporate Chronicles- a sharply observed, hilariously relatable parody of office culture and corporate life. The Common Room, Cabaret Voltaire (part of Just The Tonic) 1st – 25th August at 8pm (excludes 12th August).

Ronnie Neville – The Irish have a supreme talent for spinning a yarn, and globetrotting Irish comedian Ronnie Neville has a suitcase crammed with hilarious tales. Award-winning comedian and viral breakout star Ronnie’s journey has taken him from Cork to Edinburgh via New York, Perth, and Melbourne. Sharing tales from the bogs and streets of Ireland, watered and grown on the floorboards of Irish pubs, he shares the ‘craic’ with his own unique passion, flair, and charm. All Irish Comedy was one of the highest-selling shows at this year’s Perth Fringe. Just The Tonic Nucleus, 1st August – 25th August 2024 at 5.50pm (excludes 12th August).

Netflix & Chilton is the debut Ed Fringe show from the unique, endearing, and unhinged South London-based comedian Luke Chilton. A rising star on the UK comedy scene with accolades including BBC New Comedy Award finalist, NATYS Finalist (2022), and shortlisted for British Comedian of the Year 2022 and 2023, Luke has swiftly become a favourite with both audiences and his peers. His off-beat and chaotically loveable stand-up debut is set to be an unmissable show at this year’s Fringe. Expect topics including sexual exploration, coming-of-age shenanigans, and hilarious dissections of a complete medically approved psychotic breakdown. Just The Tonic at Cabaret Voltaire at Liberty Room 1-25th August 2024 at 8pm (exc 12th).

Scottish stand-up comedian and viral comedy sensation Joe McTernan didn’t expect to be single at 32. Now, after a ten-year relationship, he’s striking out on his own and learning what life is like when every decision is yours and could have devastating or incredible outcomes. Famed for his observational comedy and unique style, stand-up comedian & actor Joe McTernan has over 50 million views and 170k online followers for his hilarious character-based sketches. His viral success attracted the attention of Law & Order star Angie Harmon, with the pair shooting a hilarious coffee shop spoof reel. Joe will return to the Ed Fringe this year with a brand-new show, Lost, following last year’s critically acclaimed and sold-out performances of his show Life Advice That Won’t Change Your Life. Underbelly, Bristo Square: 31st July – 26th August 2024 at 6.50pm (excludes 12th)

Plastic Jeezus: Winners of ‘South Coast Comedian of the Year’ (2022), British Comedian of the Year Semi-Finalist, ‘Best Newcomer’ at the Musical Comedy Awards (2021), and ‘Circuit Breakers’ at Leicester Comedy Festival (2022), Simon and Aaron are Plastic Jeezus, a deadpan musical comedy duo performing side-splittingly surreal and unique original songs. The Bournemouth-based pair’s comedy turns the serious business of making music on its head with their show Leave Them Wanting Less, busting through musical genres and teaming them with observational comedy. Underbelly, Bristo Square. 31st July – 26th August 2024 at 8.15pm (excludes 12th August) .

Suits, smiles and side-splitting shenanigans! Are you ready for the ultimate triple threat of magic, music and comedy? Debuting this year at Edinburgh Fringe is a world-renowned performer, Lewis Fuller, bringing you a stunning, brand-new show that will leave you breathless with wonder, humming with joy and laughing until your cheeks ache. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable fusion of talent and charisma – in a show sure to set people talking!

Award-winning magician, TV star, and former Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Lewis Fuller is the world’s first Singing Illusionist and an award-winning sleight-of-hand artist. He has travelled the world performing his unique blend of music, magic, and comedy, wowing celebrities and royalty with his talent, cheeky charm, and hilarious jokes.

Making his Ed Fringe debut this year with the exciting new show Ungentlemanly Conduct, partly inspired by the hit Netflix show The Gentlemen, Lewis will bring a touch of Vegas-style pzazz and ‘big show energy’ to Edinburgh with his versatile vocal talents, mind-blowing sleight of hand, and incredible blend of magic, illusion, and comedy banter.

Venue: The Gilded Balloon (Doonstairs), Patter House, 3 Chambers St, EH1 1HT
31st July – 25th August 2024 (excludes 12th) at 8.30pm
Tickets: HERE

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