Olivia Lee has announced a brand new live show: ‘Olivia Lee: Losing Her Total F**king S**t LIVE’. The show launches with a string of London dates in select venues across the capital in November and December, kicking off at the Aces and Eights on November 13. A UK wide tour and more dates will be announced later this year. The show brings to life her album ‘Mindful Mum – How Not To lose Your Total F**king S**t’, a unique spin on mindfulness, bringing laughter and anger therapy together, to battle stress and the pressures of parenting for 21st century mums.

Bored of hearing about Toxic Masculinity and far less about Toxic Femininity, Olivia shines a light on it with ‘Mindful Mum – How Not To lose Your Total F**king S**t’. It challenges feminine stereotypes and gives women an alternative voice, reassuring them that it’s okay to be angry and lose their shit.

Olivia said “We hear the term Toxic Masculinity a lot. It feeds men messages like ‘they can’t cry’, or be vulnerable, or listen to an Ed Sheeran album in public. But what is Toxic Femininity? We never really hear this phrase. It’s the idea that women have to be feminine at ALL costs, and often at the cost of our own wellbeing. We need to talk about this more!”

Olivia recognised the notion of Toxic Femininity, the sense that women are expected to be graceful, elegant, calm, rational and reasonable, which often results in them ignoring their own mental and physical needs to sustain those around them. Olivia created Mindful Mum – How Not To lose Your Total F**king S**t’ to encourage women and mothers to be angry, lose their shit and let out their frustrations, traits not considered to be feminine. As explained by Olivia “An angry man gets heard, people pay attention – he means business! But when a woman is assertive, she is often cast aside as hysterical, mad unstable. I want to challenge this.”.

The meditations created for ‘Mindful Mum – How Not To Lose Your Total F**king S**t’ combine laughter and anger therapy, in Olivia’s trademark no bulls**t comedy style. As a qualified life coach, Olivia has written them in the hope that through anger and laughter, she can actually help mums feel better by embracing their angry inner selves.

‘Mindful Mum – How Not To lose Your Total F**king S**t’ available now via Decca Records.

‘Olivia Lee: Losing Her Total F**king S**t LIVE’ will call at the following venues in London:

Wed 13 LONDON Aces and Eights
Fri 15 LONDON Aces and Eights
Sun 17 LONDON Top Secret Comedy Club

Sun 8 LONDON 2Northdown
Tue 10 LONDON 2Northdown
Sat 14 LONDON The Taproom

More dates soon to be announced. For more information visit ‘www.olivialee.com’.

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