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Gary Powndland is back with a new show

“Gary Powndland is a hysterical, sharply written character and he made me snort laughing.” JOE LYCETT

Viral sensation Gary Powndland (pronounced like the shop, but not spelt the same) is back with an all-new live comedy show!  After over whelming public demand with the first show on 21st December this year at Birmingham’s Town Hall selling out within minutes, a further 9 dates have been announced from March 2022. Prior to lockdown they had sell-out shows across the Midlands and had garnered over 10 million views of his videos online!

“When I heard that our show in Birmingham had sold out, I spat my calpol sandwich up the wall. Then I phoned my best mate Barry and we went flat out on the session to celebrate. I’m still hungover but hopefully that will have cleared up in time for the show in December. I just want to thank everyone who bought tickets. It was an overwhelming response, and I can promise you we will have a top-notch night.” GARY POWNDLAND – APRIL 2021

Gary lives in his dead Nan’s house with his sister Tash, her son Kaylied and a family of ten foxes he’s befriended.  In this new show Gary’s inviting you round to his place, where he’ll be joined by his sister, Jimmy, and best mate Barry Mullet. “It’ll be a right proper wot a joke!”

Tash Powndland – Gary’s younger sister but as he says, “She’s like a big brother to him”. She struggled in school and was kicked out aged 13 for head butting a PE Teacher, who’d taken the micky out of Gary’s weight. She’s doesn’t take any rubbish from anyone and is often feuding on social media with her arch enemy Shanice.

“Gary never lets me put many videos on his Facebook page so I’m looking forward to getting on stage and telling people exactly how it is. And if you owe me any money from the Avon don’t turn up because I’ll see you outside in the car park afterwards! And you know I will!” 

Barry Mullet – Gary’s best pal and neighbour who relocated from Scotland 3 years ago “because we all make mistakes”. They feel strongly that confidence is much more important than knowledge and common sense… They keep each other informed on modern life when gets confused, which is not uncommon. Like Gary, Barry is single and childless which is clearly for the best and he also insists that he’s not gay without being asked. Barry is very protective of Gary since he went viral and often threatens violence on haters and well-wishers too as he constantly explains “I’m not stupid” whilst tapping his head. Barry doesn’t get most things.

Jimmy Boones – is the 79-year-old father of Tash’s deceased boyfriend Mo, who now runs his business selling vapes, fruit and veg, curry runs, airport runs, jeans and anything else that’s in the van.  Jimmy still cares very dearly for Tash, and remains close to the Powndland family, although he will sod everyone right off if there’s a few quid involved. Wolverhampton born and bred, Jimmy’s father Eddie, was his hero and taught him the swizzin way of life. From an early age he knew if “it ay nail down then yowm havin it”.

The tour dates are as follows:


Tues 21st         BIRMINGHAM – Town Hall – SOLD OUT


Fri 11th             LONDON – Leicester Square Theatre

Sat 12th            WALSALL – Arena

Sun 13th           NOTTINGHAM – Glee

Sat 19th            CORBY – Cube

Tues 29th         LIVERPOOL – Hot Water Comedy Club

Wed 30th          SHEFFIELD – The Leadmill


Fri 1st               LEICESTER – Y Theatre

Sat 2nd             COVENTRY – HMV Empire