One of the UK’s best loved stand-up comedians – Hal Cruttenden – is back on tour with a brand-new show entitled ‘It’s Best You Hear It From Me’.  The show premieres at the Edinburgh Festival’s Pleasance Courtyard this August before taking in a mammoth 62 dates, starting on 9th September at Newcastle’s Tyne Theatre and culminating on 21st June 2023 at the Palace Theatre Redditch.

After 21 years and 224 days Hal’s back being single. But it’s all going to be fine. Instead of getting the therapy he clearly needs, he’s made a cracking show about it. He’s lost enough weight to almost get his wedding ring off and, while he may be flying solo, he’s far from alone; he’s got his grown-up daughters, his dogs and his divorce lawyer.

Hal, and his soon to be ex-wife Dawn, are part of the surge in ‘grey’ divorces. His hair certainly is and hers changes colour so often that she’s not quite sure. But this show isn’t just for those who’ve been through divorce and single people who need cheering up. It’s also for blissfully happy couples who can’t imagine that their marriage will fail, and that smug look will be wiped off their face.

This show not only makes you laugh but gives hope and a shared experience to the 42% of the population that get divorced in the UK – just don’t tell them that 60% of 2nd marriages end in divorce too!

So, make a date to see a show from a man who hasn’t had a date since 1999 when conversation revolved around the twist in ‘The Sixth Sense’, ‘will the Millennium Bug kill us’ and ‘isn’t that Boris guy funny on ‘Have I Got New For You’.

He’s toured extensively in the UK and Ireland over the last 10 years, he has also taken shows to the Montreal, Melbourne, and New Zealand comedy festivals and he’s recorded three stand up specials ‘Tough Luvvie’ (, ‘Straight Outta Cruttenden’ (Amazon Prime) and ‘Chubster’ ( and Amazon Prime).

Hal is fanatical about quizzes, politics and rugby.

Dates and tickets can be found here.

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