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Mark Watson invites you to more of his Radio 4 series recordings

★★★★ ‘A kind of unstoppably funny Superhero’ Sunday Times

The two remaining dates are February 2 and 24.

As Mark says; This time at The Backyard Comedy Club, Cambridge Heath Road, in London’s Bethnal Green.  We’ve moved up to a slightly bigger venue for these ones, but there’s still the chance that it’ll be oversubscribed like it was on Sunday, and then we’ll have to turn people away and they will go shuffling off saying things like ‘we waited in the cold’ and ‘I hate that man, may infinite curses fall upon his head’ – both of these regrettable and, in the latter case, fatal.  To avoid being one of these unfortunate people, your job is twofold:

(1) Use the link here to apply for tickets, and use code “Forty Love”which  guarantees priority tickets*;
(2) Try to get there a little bit early.

If you are the sort of person with the ability to cast spells/place curses etc, you do also have the option of (3) Striking down as many rival ticket applicants as you can.  But I’d rather not see it descend into hexing all over again.  It’s Muggins here who has to clean the goat’s blood off the pavement afterwards.

The recording on the 2nd will be a double-header, from 6pm.  Then, the one on the 24th is the final episode of the four-part series, from 7:30pm.

Flo and Joan are special musical guests in both, and I do use ‘special’ advisedly because they were really really funny on Sunday, as you’ll know if you were there.  Then there’ll be a different other guest comic as my wingwoman each time.  Also, on the 24th, we might be recording a special bonus show afterwards, which I’ll alert you to nearer the time.
All in all, the best way you can use the next few minutes of your life is to click here and register for tickets.

All right, finish sewing up the patient first. It’s not my fault you’re on your phone in the operating theatre, is it.

Mark Watson (age very, very nearly 40) x

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