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Melon Comedy finds home on Comedy Sauce

“Stunning & a worthy cause” BRITISH COMEDY GUIDE “Timely & Noble” COMEDY CENTRAL

Melon Comedy – a collective created by and starring writer/performer and proud ADHD-er Lorelei Mathias – release their Edinburgh TV Festival nominated sketch comedy series ‘Batshit’ in three parts weekly from 18th May via new platform Comedy Sauce.   

Made on a shoestring across both hemispheres, ‘BATSHIT’ skewers modern love, the climate crisis and mental illness with a mix of live action and animation… with a tone that’s been compared to Smack the Pony, Cardinal Burns and Spoons. 

This neurodiverse sketch show about a crazy planet features a global cast that includes Lorelei alongside co-writer Emmy McMorrow, Camilla Mathias, Michael Spicer, Sarah Smart, Yasser Kayani, Joseph Adelakun, Josh Glanc, Lauren Taylor, Jonathan Hansler, Joe Davies, Lou Taylor and a range of talent from Melbourne Comedy Festival – with internet-breaking animations by Steve Cutts (The Simpsons/Moby /Man/Happiness).  

When Melon started, I was living in Melbourne, having just published a novel about break-ups, and been diagnosed with ADHD – which can be both horrific and hilarious. Emmy & I started making sketches as a way to laugh through the pain as without being able to laugh, I’d have gone totally mad by now! Our mantra is that Comedy is the best meds. And we should know, we’ve tried everything else on the NHS. BATSHIT is a mixed media sketch show about an insane world, seen through the eyes of ‘The Crazy Ones’. Among our writers are an ADHD-er, an ASD-er, and a PMDD-er, so we have an unusual take on the world; and yet, as Greta Thunberg said, ‘in some ways we are the sane ones’.. We pan for belly-laughs in life’s oddest, darkest corners – from ghosting to disillusioned mermaids to ADHD and male suicide. The last sketch ‘Please Stay on The Line,’ is dedicated to a friend and early collaborator who sadly lost his battle with depression. We’re proud that it has been adopted by World Mental Health Day Federation.”


Lorelei Mathias’ credits include The Treason Show writers room, British Comedy Guide Pro Production Award, BBC Writers Room top 4%, and Thousand Films shortlists. Her first novel Step on it, Cupid, was published at 25, followed by Lost for Words. She is writing the TV pilot for her latest novel ‘Break Up Club’ that was inspired by her experiences in an accidental break-up club of her own… Her next book and show are currently being written about the comedy of trying to adult with ADHD.

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